Two new books of Professor Sison were launched in the evening of June 23 – Combat Tyranny and Fascism (Selected Writings in 2017) and Struggle Against Terrorism and Tyranny (Selected Writings from January to July 2018).

Prof. Peter Chua made a review of the first book, Combat Tyranny and Fascism. Peter Chua is a Filipino-American political activist and sociology professor at the San Jose State University in California, USA. Sonny Africa of IBON-Philippines made a review on the second book Struggle Against Terrorism and Tyranny which was read by his colleague Rosario Bella Guzman because Sonny Africa could not come to the Assembly. IBON-Philippines is a research and documentation institution very much connected with the progressive legal democratic movement
in the Philippines and facing harassment and threats from the tyrannical Duterte regime.

Most of the articles in the two volumes are scathing indictments on the socio-economic policies of the puppet Duterte regime in the service of imperialism and local reaction and its use of state terrorism to maintain the rotten ruling system. There is also a number of articles on the attacks of imperialism and reaction against the national and democratic interests of the people of the world and the growing resistance of the people and their struggle for revolutionary change.

To enliven the program, an interpretative dance number based on Prof. Sison’s poem “The Guerilla is a poet” was performed by a group of Filipinos and Indonesians belonging to LIKHA Migrants Cultural Organization and the Migranteng Artista ng Bayan in Hong Kong.

The “surprise guest” of the evening was Prof. Sison himself who had to speak via Skype on video because he could not be physically present. He is subjected to restrictions by the enemies of freedom from freely travelling abroad from his place of residence in the Netherlands as a political refugee because of his prominent role in the world-wide
anti-imperialist and democratic movement.

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