By Carol Araullo
As a leader of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle, I am keenly aware that the main enemy of the people of the world, including the Filipino peoples, is US-led imperialism. For that reason, it gives me great pleasure to introduce former Congresswoman Cynthia

McKinney, an African-American freedom fighter from the “belly of the beast.”

Cynthia McKinney comes from the State of Georgia in the US South that was developed by African-American slave labor and then semi-feudal bondage of African-American farmers and the exploitation of African-American workers. She served two-terms as an elected US Congresswoman from Georgia as a member of the Democratic Party. She was only one of the members of the US Congress who stood up against US President George Bush and the US imperialist government’s war on the peoples of the world after 9-11-01, including the growing repression against oppressed peoples and workers within the borders of the US. Cynthia McKinney learned through her own bitter experience that her Party, the US Democratic Party, was no defender of “democracy” but was, along with the Republican Party, another wing of the Republic at US War Party.

In 2008, Cynthia McKinney courageously ran for President of the USA on a “Power to the People” program as a candidate of the US Green Party. Although she lost the election and many even so called “leftists” in the US failed to support her candidacy, she presented a real alternative of the anti-imperialist struggle and hope for the future “in the belly of the beast” during the period of “Obama mania.”

In these years of growing economic crisis and growing impoverishment of the masses, Cynthia McKinney has acted in defense of the Palestinian people and in defense of the Gaddafi government and people of Libya against US imperialist attack. She represents the growing resistance within the African American communities in the US against rampant police brutality.

Let us give a warm welcome to Cynthia McKinney.

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