International Solidarity with the Palestinian Resistance! Stop the Israeli Fascist Offensive!

DECLARATION of the Latin American Provisional Committee of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle

International Solidarity with the Palestinian Resistance! Stop the Israeli Fascist Offensive!

The battle for Jerusalem weakened the Netanyahu government and strengthened the popular struggle.

The provocative presence of Zionist troops in the places of celebration in the month of Ramadan, the attempt to occupy and annex part of the neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah in East Jerusalem by settlers and the celebration of the day of the capture of that part of the city in 1967 by the Israelis, were some of the causes – in the framework of growing tension – that triggered an outburst by the Palestinian people.

The militarization of the Temple esplanade was confronted with massive mobilizations that led to a permanent presence and the seizure of the Al Aqsa mosque. The siege and attempted annexation of the neighborhood by settlers with Israeli military support was followed by numerous demonstrations with blockades surrounding the neighbors in solidarity under threat of eviction. All of this led to clashes against the security forces and the violent eviction transformed into fierce repression of the seizure of Al Aqsa, which only ceased when the alarm sirens sounded when the resistance fired rockets from GAZA. Of course, the murderous IDF went on the rampage, bombing the strip, launching its warplanes and missiles in hundreds of attacks that produced enormous structural damage, with dozens of victims, many of them children.

However, this wave of bloody bombings, increasing militarization and fascist actions on the part of the Zionists, was far from slowing down the tension, the mobilizations and the actions of the Palestinian masses and vanguard. The resistance launched its missiles and partially penetrated the sophisticated Zionist defensive dome, reaching Tel Aviv, Sderot, Ashkelon, among other major cities, in turn managed to hit the areas bordering the strip with simpler operations from rifle shots, to anti-tank missiles, producing numerous damages and victims and above all a great psychological impact on the population.

Qualitative changes and imperialism in trouble

In the last missile launched by the resistance from Gaza, points of more than 250 km have been reached, as well as “suicide drones” and even the attempt to use unmanned submarines, forcing the Israeli occupation forces to cease operations and evacuate the airports as well as several bases and strategic storage plants. This means an important change in the balance of firepower: the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) have been surprised and consequently it was a central concern that the Palestinian brigades stopped firing, something they did not achieve despite the intense bombardments, much less generate conditions for a ground offensive. At the same time, from the borders there is pressure on their governments to take sides and the growing willingness of Palestinian refugees and militiamen from Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria and even Egypt to join the fight against Zionism. Another key to the worsening of the explosive situation is the so-called Home Front, where the political and economic instability within Israel in recent years has led to disapproval of the aggressive policy of annexations and has caused Palestinians with Israeli citizenship to rise up and take to the streets, leading to clashes with the security forces and the Israeli right wing, something unprecedented in its history. Likewise, Abbas and the “Palestinian National Authority”, interlocutors of Zionism that restrained any possibility of confrontation to the reactionary escalation, is going through its worst moment; in fact many members of the Palestinian police went from repressing their own to joining self-defense actions against the settlers and the occupying forces. All this has taken place within a framework of huge mobilizations at a global level demanding an end to the bombing of Gaza and in solidarity with the Palestinian cause, something that has had an impact on governments and has provoked positions and resolutions (such as the cease-fire) that will aggravate the contradictions and tensions between the powers.

We must not confuse deployment and aggressiveness with strength, imperialism -in this case the Zionist version- tries to inflame everything, now that it has a certain amount of time and advantages before its inevitable decline and fall. The insistence of a policy of fascist-genocidal character applied by Israel -supported by the US- has generated a generalized repudiation and growing international solidarity with the Palestinian cause; but above all it is the tremendous strength and combativeness of the people in the streets, which has allowed it to bog to stall the Israeli reactionary offensive of new annexations and greater repression and to set in motion the popular uprising of resistance in course.

The importance of shoring up the struggle for the liberation of all of occupied Palestine, hand in hand with a new leadership, emerging from the Intifadas and the popular resistance, with all the internationalist support that can be achieved, is becoming clear. Both the old and the new agreements have meant the loss of rights for the Palestinians and as a counterpart the growing advance of the Zionist occupation. In times when the most aggressive sector of imperialism seeks to recompose its power – striking hard where it can – the time is over for peace negotiations, nor for “security cooperation” with the fantasy of a certain administrative autonomy and much less for the capitulating idea of “two Peoples for two States”.

It is time for the profound struggle of the Peoples and the identification of our enemies

Faced with the world crisis, the ruling classes deploy as a way out the tendency to plunder resources, fascism, militarism, wars of aggression and war between imperialist blocs. In response, the irruption of resistance, rebellion and also workers’ and popular war begins to unfold firmly and “from below”. This is registered in the processes of open crisis, from Burma, through the Middle East, to the recent wave of popular rebellions in Latin America and the Caribbean, having insurrectionary Colombia as the current scenario and epicenter where the ongoing contradictions are clarified and exploited.

In addition to the empathy we must have with the peoples in struggle, in our region we have our own issues with Israel as a faithful partner of the US, both for its past support to counter-insurgency and arms sales to dictatorships, as well as its current role of propping up the business of the financial oligarchy and monopolistic groups, It provides training and technology for the repression of all states, conspiring against anti-imperialist and popular governments and actively assisting liberal, reactionary and neo-fascist governments such as Uruguay, Brazil, Colombia and Paraguay.

The servile government of Guatemala, in addition to supporting the transfer of the capital of the terrorist state of Israel to Jerusalem, called for a week of solidarity with Israel in the midst of the criminal bombing of Gaza. In Colombia, they have clearly played an important role in the whole insurgency process and above all in the consolidation of the current state of exception. In Argentina they have proliferated the treaties of assistance to the police and security agencies, they maintain the cooperation between state agencies and in the current situation executed the treaties that judicialize and condemn any critical mention of Israel by demonstrators and statements as an anti-Semitic act, even asking the desafuero and expulsion of a leftist deputy who denounced the massacre and genocide against Palestine. In Brazil the Zionists not only advise, finance and integrate the government, they have also associated and invested in the powerful evangelical churches, stimulating the creation of neo-fascist militias and together they have promoted the drug trafficking business and territorial control, today controlling entire popular neighborhoods in the northern periphery of Rio de Janeiro, in whose portals the flag of Israel flies.

We must not underestimate its power and add to our demands and programs the struggle against Zionism, as an ally of the reactionary policy of imperialism throughout the world and especially in our region!

Down with the genocidal offensive against the Palestinians, Yankees and Zionists out of Latin America and the Caribbean!

From ILPS Latin America and the Caribbean we call to deploy all our solidarity and BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions) so that the ongoing Palestinian rebellion triumphs.

We demand the UN to impose effective sanctions on Israel focused on the military embargo, the International Criminal Court to thoroughly investigate the war crimes of Zionism and the governments of our countries to break any pact or agreement with the terrorist state of ISRAEL!

Long live the Palestinian resistance and rebellion, all power to the people in struggle towards a new and victorious INTIFADA!

Provicional Committee for Latin America of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle ILPS.

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