International Solidarity Conference to Resist US Imperialist Led War and Build Just Peace

International Solidarity Conference to Resist US Imperialist Led War and Build Just Peace

10 November 2017, Quezon City, Philippines
11 November – Peoples Forum and Protest Action
12 & 13 November – Peoples Caravan


In November 2017, Member States of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) will convene in a Leader’s Summit to be followed by an East Asia Leader’s Summit together with the United States, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand.

These will be the culminating meetings of the ASEAN that will be held in the Philippines who currently sits as its chair for this year.

Both the ASEAN and the EAS events will happen at a time of rising tensions in the region due to intensifying competition between US and China for spheres of influence, and the shift to a multipolar world order amidst a protracted global depression.  

US imperialism is determined to defend its global hegemony (including in the Asia-Pacific) against the rise of Chinese imperialism and other rivals such as Russia and their allies through its multi-pronged Pivot to Asia policy.  In line with this, the US is leading the drive towards increasing militarization in the Asia-Pacific and raising the risk of open military confrontation and war that imperils peace and the future of the peoples of Asia and in other areas. The region remains one where the US military presence is further expanding and consolidating; where the conflict among multiple poles of power is evident, and; where oppositions to US hegemony by states or by revolutionary movements for independence are present.

Also developing in the region is the US’ sabre-rattling in North Korea. Using the nuclear testing of North Korea, the US with its allies South and Japan have been intensifying its effort to discredit North Korea and heighten the tension in the Korea Peninsula.

On the other hand, the current Philippine Pres. Rodrigo Duterte recently exposed himself to be a staunch puppet of US Imperialism and like his predecessors, the unjust, anti-people and unequal treaties with the US like the VFA, EDCA, to name a few, remains active and are still being enforced. While at the same time continue to succumb to China’s military encroachment of the West Philippine sea.

In August 2017, the ILPS led a Conference on War and Militarism that gathered anti-war forces around the world and united the participating organizations in heightening the campaign to resist the US-led war, US military bases.

Meanwhile, anti-imperialist forces including the ILPS Philippines, New Patriotic Alliance (BAYAN) and its sectoral allies are conducting the SEA People’s Campaign 2017 that consists of various activities, conferences, and mobilizations under the theme “Resist imperialist globalization and war! Struggle for an independent, sovereign and peaceful Southeast Asia.”

The November meetings, therefore, are opportune times to highlight people’s global resistance against imperialist economic, political and military agenda. Anti-imperialist solidarity on the US-led war militarism can be expanded and consolidated. The political issues that will be tackled and the actions that will be conducted also serve as a rich background for the need to raise the campaign to resist the US-led war, US Military Bases to a new height while at the same time establishing the ILPS chapter in Asia-Pacific region and relaunch the Ban the Bases network.

Conference Objectives

  1. Mobilize anti-imperialist forces in the region to join the protests against the East Asia Leader’s Summit;
  2. Serve as a regional flashpoint for the global campaign on US-led war and militarism including US military bases;
  3. Formulate a plan of action to widen and intensify campaign against imperialist agenda in Asia and the Pacific;
  4. To launch ILPS Asia Pacific and consolidate its members, allies and potential members on the analysis of imperialist agenda, policies and actions in Asia and the Pacific.

Proposed Program

Day 1 – November 9Arrival of participants
Day 2 – November 10


9:00 Cultural Opening & Welcome message by the ILPS Chairperson
9:30 Keynote Panel (roots of armed conflicts)
10:30 Panel 1 – Different Faces of Militarism and War
12:00 – Q & A
12:30 – LUNCH and media event


1:30 Panel 2 – Addressing the roots of war and armed conflict
2:30 – Q & A
3:00 – Workshop on Peoples Resistance and Plan in Asia – Pacific (Economic and Militarism)
4:00 – Workshop Reportin
4:30 – Coffee & Tea
5:00 – Resolutions
5:30 – Declaration
6:00 – Closing
6:15 – ILPS ASPAC Member/Reps Consultation Meeting

(Agenda: Creation of coordinating group, appointment of Spokesperson, Coordination and plan for urgent actions)

7:00 – Free Time
7:30 – 10:00 – Dinner & Solidarity Night

Day 3

November 11

Participation to the Peoples Forum organized by New Patriotic Alliance (BAYAN)
(Details to follow) – Forum and rally to US Embassy

Day 4 & 5

November 12 (Start of Caravan) & 13Peoples Caravan against the ASEAN and East Asia Leaders Summit (Details to follow)

Day 6

November 14 – Departure

Conference Venue: Quezon City, Philippines

Registration Fee: USD ____   (inclusive of accommodation + food for Nov 10 & 11 and local transportation)

Participants will come from:

  1. ILPS chapters and members in the Asia-Pacific region with bigger mobilization from ILPS Philippines
  2. Allies and progressive organizations in ASEAN region
  3. Organizations from South, NE, SE, West, Central Asia and the Pacific
  4. Participants from the ILPS Conference on War and Militarism in Toronto

Organizers: The ILPS ASPAC in cooperation with ILPS Chapters in the Philippines, Indonesia, Australia and Hong Kong will organize the Conference. ILPS Philippines will be the host organization.

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