Please find below an infographic on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) – a megaregional free trade agreement (FTA) that one-sidedly and excessively favors the United States and its monopoly firms at the expense of the people, especially in underdeveloped and dependent countries.

Tomorrow, February 4, trade ministers from TPP member countries will gather in New Zealand’s capital to sign the said treaty. Simultaneous protest actions will be held parallel to the signing in different countries such as in the Philippines, New Zealand, Australia, and Malaysia among others.

We encourage everyone to share this infographic widely and wildly thru email, print and social media to kick off our campaign against the TPP. Please read the full statement of the ILPS Chair on the TPP, Fight the Trans-Pacific Partnership, defeat neoliberal trade of monopolies

You can also check to get the latest updates on trade-related issues.

In solidarity,
Mark Pascual
Secretariat, ILPS Commission 2

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