Workers Mass Action was Dispersed Forcedly by the Police, General Secretary of GSBI was hit by Head of Intelligence Unit of Tangerang City Police

Today, Sunday April 9th 2017, Panarub Dwikarya workers picket action in Adipura Square Tangerang was forcedly dispersed by the Police. The posters were confiscated and the mass action was yelled at. This action was participated by mostly women workers from Victory Chingluh Indonesia (VCI) and Panarub Industry (PI).

The Security forces consisted of Satpol PP (Civil Service Police Unit) and Tangerang City Police. One of them yelled and barked using words that degrading humanity. We were called ‘stupid’, ‘big mouth’, ‘idiot’, and so on.

When our commrade, General Secretary of GSBI, Emelia Yanti, tried to give explanation to the security force, she was hit by Head of Intteligence Unit of Tangerang City Police, AKBP Danu W. Subroto.

As publicly known, every Sunday workers who sew Adidas and Mizuno shoes in Panarub Dwikarya hold picket actions. This action have been held for five years, as old as the case. The Government has failed in protecting the workers’ right, the citizen’s right and has condoned the brands, Adidas and Mizuno, as well as Panarub Group to act despotically.

This month, Tangerang Mayor issued Mayor Regulation No.2 of 2017 on the Prohibition to hold Action on Saturdays and Sundays. There is not any strong ground for the issuance of this regulation, other than the ambition to plunder workers’ freedom of speech and expression. The entertainment activity in Adipura Square every Sunday using loud sound system is allowed.

In addition, the problem is our right as workers who make Adidas and Mizuno’s shoes in Panarub has been abandoned by the Government.

Contact Person: Kokom Komalawati ( +6283811434752)

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