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ILPS Youth commission NEWSLETTER Issue 1

From the editors
We are honored and excited to welcome you to the first edition of our Youth newsletter. The ILPS youth commission, or commission 8, convened in June in Hong Kong at the 6th international assembly of the ILPS.

Here, 400 participants from over 200 organizations and 45 countries gathered to discuss the pressing issues we are faced with and lay groundwork for further movement building. In our commission workshop we had 32 participants  from ten countries and about 20 organizations (depending on how you count Anakbayan chapters!). During those hours together we addressed the challenges youth are facing in each country/territory and attempted to address how our commission could best work together. From that came several new communication platforms: a Facebook group, a google group; a Facebook page and this, our quarterly newsletter. Each communication platform serves a different role, the FB and google group allow us to share a forum to rally solidarity, to request and share with each other = statements and to share past and upcoming events and actions, to build knowledge, awareness and support within the commission.

The FB page allows us to communicate externally, to share content and work of the various organizations that make up our commission. This platform can act as a recruitment tool for the ILPS and commission 8 specifically. And the newsletter is our communication tool to more fully explore and share our work. The newsletter is our space to document the work that is taking place in our organizations. It is the place to discuss ideas and analysis on the situation we are faced with as youth across the globe, from our different regions, the conditions that we share that the conditions that differ. It is a space to investigate and deliberate what is to be done.

By sharing knowledge, praxis, our success, our lessons, theorizing collectively we endeavor to unite anti-imperialist youth across the globe and between those of us active in both the imperialist centres and the global south. We are in a time of uprisings, and upheavals. We hear everyday about  heightening economic, ecologic and social crises. Let’s rally to lead the youth to move us towards a bright socialist future!

Long live international solidarity!!

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