Issued by the Office of the Chairperson
International League of Peoples’ Struggle

The International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS) condemns the NXP Semiconductors Cabuyao, Incorporated (NXPSCI) for union-busting and demands the reinstatement of 24 union leaders it has unjustly dismissed. The ILPS joins all progressive forces around the world in the Global Day of Action on 2 July 2014 to express support for the workers of the export processing zones in the Philippines in general, and for the 24 dismissed union leaders and the workers of the NXPSCI workers in particular, who are fighting to defend their democratic rights.

The NXPSCI management is clearly guilty of union-busting. It has dismissed the union leaders on the ridiculous charge of carrying out “illegal strike” merely for being absent on officially declared public holidays. Clearly, the management was inventing an excuse to fire the union officials who provided committed, competent and effective leadership to the union in its negotiations for a new collective bargaining agreement.

The union’s demands are reasonable. They are merely asking for an 8% increase in wages and the regularization of contractual workers who have been working in the company for more than two years. But capitalists nowadays think that they can have their way with impunity.

In today’s capitalist world, the bourgeoisie has unlimited power to attack the workers – from their wages to their job security, their right to form unions and other democratic rights. All the victories won in the past to safeguard workers’ rights and welfare have been rolled back by pliant governments who are only too willing to do the dirty work for their capitalist patrons.

The global crisis of capitalism has been used to justify further attacks on the workers. While governments rush to the aid of failing banks and companies, workers are being asked to “make sacrifices” through wage cuts and cutbacks on social benefits. With so-called labor flexibilization contractual and part-time work has become the norm for many companies. Contractualization is actually a means to prevent the formation of strong unions capable of defending the interests of the workers.

In many countries such as the Philippines special economic zones have created to provide safe havens for multinational companies who are given special treatment. They are showered with privileges in the name of “attracting foreign investments.” In such special economic zones, the government imposes a “no union, no strike policy” among one of the incentives given to multinational companies.

The NXPSCI Workers’ Union is one of the biggest unions in the Philippines and one of the very few existing unions inside the country’s special economic zones. The struggle of the NXPSCI workers will have important implications to the labor movement in the country.

The ILPS-Philippines and Kilusang Mayo Uno have urged the ILPS-Netherlands and the trade unions in The Netherlands to join the Global Day of Action in support of the workers in export processing zones and the NXPSCI Workers’ Union, especially because the NXP Semiconductors headquarters is based in The Netherlands.

The workers and union leaders of the NXPSCI deserve the support of workers and all progressive people throughout the world. We call on the more than 300 member organizations of ILPS and all people of goodwill to support the workers of export processing zones and the workers of NXPSCI by joining the Global Day of Action on 2 July 2014.

Reinstate the union leaders unjustly dismissed!
Stop union-busting!
Defend the workers democratic rights!
Long live the workers in export processing zones in the Philippines!
Long live the NXPSCI Workers’ Union and the Kilusang Mayo Uno!
Long live international solidarity!

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