ILPS Netherlands responds to Global Day of Action

ILPS in Amsterdam, 15 Oct 2011ILPS Netherlands

In response to the call of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle for a Global Day of Action, and in support of the Call Occupy Amsterdam, ILPS organizations in The Netherlands joined the more than 2000 demonstrators in front of the Amsterdam Stock Exchange last 15 October 2011 to protest against capitalism’s greed for profit at the expense of people’s interest and welfare and against imperialist plunder and wars of aggression.

The ILPS protesters carried placards and umbrellas with slogans: “Jobs Not Cuts!”, “People First Not Big Business!”,  “End Imperialist Plunder and Wars of Aggression!”, and “Job! Health Care! Education! is a Right!”

A member of a youth organization, 14-year old Marikit Saturay, performed the Dutch rap entitled “Meneer President! (Mr. President)” where she took the president of the Philippines to task for the continuing extra-judicial killings, political prisoners and  other grave human rights situation in the country.

Through statements, songs, poetry and faces painted with slogans, the demonstrators expressed their anger over the financial magnates and the right-wing government’s policies that are destroying the livelihood of the people. The economic policies force the people to pay more for basic social services and activities, as well as implement destructive austerity measures. On the other hand, top corporate managers and financial magnates continue to receive fat salaries and bonuses. But recovery from the economic crisis seem out of sight, and the crisis of the world capitalist system is now turning into a protracted depression.

The crisis is unleashing the forces of discrimination, racism, religious bigotry and war mongering not only in the Netherlands but worldwide. Therefore,  it is urgent that we intensify our struggle against monopoly capitalism and fight for greater freedom, democracy, social justice, full employment and better living conditions, development and world peace.

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Watch one of the videoclips uploaded in YouTube

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