Issued by the Office of the Chairperson
International League of Peoples´ Struggle

The International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS) condemns the cruel and inhuman treatment of Basque political prisoner Iosu Uribetxeberria by the Spanish authorities. Uribetxeberria suffers from terminal cancer and under Article 92 of the Spanish Penal Law prisoners suffering from serious illnesses may be released from jail.

Uribetxeberria has started a hunger strike to call attention not only to the cruel treatment he is being subjected to by the Spanish authorities but to similar situation of other Basque political prisoners as well. According to him 14 other Basque political prisoners are suffering from serious illnesses which are aggravated by extremely bad conditions of detention.

In solidarity with Uribetxeberria, members of Herrira, an association fighting for the rights of political prisoners, and over 450 Basque political prisoners in different Spanish and French jails have also gone on hunger strike.

In recent years, the pro-independence Basque Left forces have declared their intention to pursue their objective of independence through peaceful means. They have called on the Spanish government to reciprocate and lay the groundwork for political negotiations.

Instead of taking positive steps, the Spanish authorities have stepped up their repression of the pro-independence Basque movement by arresting and jailing Basque leaders and activists and extending the sentences of political prisoners through the so-called Parot Doctrine. This Parot Doctrine has been declared by the European Court of Human Rights as a serious breach of human rights.

In the light of these negative developments, we call on all progressive forces and all people of goodwill to put pressure on Spanish government to follow its own laws and release not only those suffering from illnesses but all political prisoners being unjustly kept in jail for their political beliefs.


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