ILPS contingent in anti-NATO mobilizations in Chicago

Submitted by BILL DORES
ILPS Vice Chairperson for External Affairs

Photos & video clips of the ILPS contingent during anti-NATO mobilizations in Chicago, USA, 20 May 2010. Photos by MatangLawin, video clips from lfssfsu postings on youtube.







Kuusela Hilo (Co-coordinator of ILPS-US), Malcom Guy (Coordinator of ILPS-Canada), and Stephanie Weiner (Chicago teacher and activist) address the National Liberation contingent at the anti-NATO mobilization in Chicago.



Larry Hales of the International Action Center – New York and Abayomi Azikiwe of Workers World Party speak to the National Liberation contingent at the Anti-NATO mobilization in Chicago.



Bernadette Ellorin, Chairperson of Bagong Alyansang Makabayan – USA (BAYAN-USA — New Patriotic Alliance), speaks at anti-NATO protest in Chicago.


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