ILPS condemns arrest of ATiK leaders and members

Chairperson, International League of Peoples’ Struggle

We of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS) condemn the arrest of members and leaders of ATIK (Confederation of Turkish Workers in Europe) and affiliated organizations such as the New Women and YDG (New Democratic Youth ) in Germany, Switzerland, Greece and France. The attacks on such legitimate organizations are blatant violations of universally accepted individual and collective human rights and must be condemned by all freedom-loving peoples.

In Germany, the arrests were conducted by special forces in Nazi-like fashion, forcibly entering houses and breaking doors and windows. Increasingly in the last several years, European governments under the cover of the “war on terror” have been carrying out such fascist acts of state terrorism as arbitrary arrests, raids into people’s homes, surveillance, and harassment of progressive and democratic activists.

Furthermore, in the face of the global crisis of the capitalist system, migrants and refugees have become easy scapegoats, with right-wing parties blaming migrant workers for supposedly stealing jobs from the locals and taking advantage of the social benefits intended for Europeans. The raids and arrests against democratic Turkish migrants organizations ride on reactionary sentiments being fomented by unltra-nationalist and neo-fascist parties in Europe.

Such raids and arrests conducted in a coordinated manner must serve as an alert call to progressive and democratic organizations to expose and oppose the increasing fascization of Europe.

We call on ILPS member-organizations and all progressive and democratic minded organizations and people to condemn this latest example of arbitrary actions. We should raise our voices and act to put a stop to such reactionary and anti-democratic policies and actions with impunity.

Fight increasing fascization in Europe!
Defend democratic rights and freedoms!
Long live international solidarity!

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