ILPS calls for week of struggle against US imperialism


Issued by the Office of the Chairperson

International League of Peoples’ Struggle

A Week of International Struggle against US imperialism


This 2020 on May 25-31, the ILPS is calling for a “Week of International Struggle against US imperialism”. This would be a long shout-out to the world to be one with the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa and Asia: to fight back and defeat US intervention and fascist reaction.

The seething mass struggles in Latin America, Africa and Asia against U.S. imperialism and local reaction deserve the firmest solidarity of the working class and all oppressed peoples and nations. The International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS) stands with the peoples asserting and fighting for national sovereignty, democracy and socialism.

We stand with the peoples of Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, and Dominica in the Americas against U.S. intervention. We stand with the revolutionary struggles of the peoples of North Korea, Palestine, Kurdistan, Philippines, India, Indonesia, West Papua, Kashmir and many others in Asia. We stand with the peoples of Algeria, Sudan, Guinea, Zambia and South Africa.

There is a resurgence of anti-imperialist and anti-fascist struggles amid intensifying crises, social inequities, imperialist intervention and repressive attacks. The moribund character of the world monopoly capitalist system is fully exposed especially after decades of failed neoliberal regimes and fascist comebacks. The US is fast losing its own backyard in the Americas, as with its Greater Middle East, Africa and Asia.

The peoples of the world are gearing for war amid increasing inter-imperialist rivalry.  It is not just a pitch battle against transnational corporations, international financial institutions, trade agreements, climate change, social divides, and political policies. It is a gathering storm of revitalized social and political revolutions.  No amount of lies, confusion, division, and outright repression can stop these mass movements of workers, peasants, indigenous peoples, youth, women and oppressed sectors under working-class leadership. They shall rule and their voices will be heard and amplified.

The ILPS calls on all member organizations and allies to hold protest rallies and other militant street mobilizations in front of U.S. embassies in major cities.  Solidarity activities, information drives, study conferences and fora, exhibits, concerts and other cultural events can be organized by our people’s organizations and progressive institutions.

Join us in struggle and revolution.


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