Liberate the African continent from imperialism

by Kachingwe Singoyi* Such a great honour to stand before you and represent Africa at this 6th ILPS International Assembly

General declaration of 6th ILPS Assembly

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“Win a bright socialist future for humanity! Unite the people to fight and end imperialist plunder, war, racism and fascism!”

ILPS International Assembly calls for unity against imperialism

The ILPS, founded in 2001, describes itself as “the largest and most consolidated global formation of militant, anti-imperialist and democratic organizations in the world today.”

ILPS successfully holds 6th International Assembly

“We have stood firmly, spoken clearly and acted militantly in defense of the political, civil, economic, social and cultural rights of the people against the depredations of monopoly capitalism, the unbridled greed unleashed by neoliberalism, the ceaseless wars of aggression, and the plunder and environmental ruination by US imperialism and its allies and puppets.”

Congratulations for successful ILPS 6th assembly

All anti-imperialist and democratic forces and peoples of the world are eager to receive the documents and videos of the assembly proceedings (the plenary and commission sessions), the special events and forums