Hands off Syria!

Speech by Len Cooper
ILPS Australia Chairperson
at a large rally in Melbourne Sunday 7th October 2012

I speak to you today as an Australian Citizen who is disgusted with the Australian Government’s position on Syria and associated policies.

The Federal Government and mass media in Australia is spreading, or allowing the spread of lies, half-truths and distortions about the situation in Syria.

We must focus attention on these lies, half-truths and distortions to try to prevent what is becoming a tragic, dangerous situation in Syria and beyond.

We are told or led to believe that the problems in Syria have come about because the Syrian people are rising up against the Government and the Government is responding by oppressing its own people, to stay in power.

This is a blatant lie to deceive the world’s people.

This picture of the situation is being generated by the NATO military alliance, the U.S. state department and by the oppressive, sectarian rulers of Arab states such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar, who are client states of the U.S. and NATO.

They are spreading this simplistic, distorted and incorrect picture of the situation in Syria to try to cover up their own self-interest and aggression against a sovereign nation. NATO and the U.S. Government want to impose governments on the region, including Syria, which are totally subservient to their economic, political and strategic interests; their imperialist interests.

They want to control the resources and riches of the Middle East to benefit the corporate interests in their respective countries.

Because they fear a backlash from their own peoples, the U.S. and some European Powers have to create a situation to try to justify the unjustifiable – they have to try to justify an open act of aggression and invasion of Syria: as they have done in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.

The big powers centred around NATO and the U.S. have planned and executed the arming of terrorist organisations, international mercenary armies, personnel from Saudi Arabia and the like, support from the CIA and other intelligence organisations for a covert invasion of Syria as a forerunner to invade by more conventional mean when possible.

These facts can be gleaned from Reuters, Der Spiegel and other international media outlets, even amidst the general spread of lies and distortions by the international mass media.

We can see today that Turkey is being positioned to invade Syria as part of the preparation for the NATO military alliance and the U.S. to be more openly involved.

Hands off Syria! Photo submitted by Len Cooper

I am sure that the Turkish people will deal with their imperialist dominated rulers in due course.

This is opening up a very dangerous situation for the whole Middle East and the world in general.

Australians must not be killed, injured and used in yet another U.S. sponsored invasion of a sovereign country.

The Syrian people are beginning to mobilise and to demand.

  • stopping the flow of weapons to Syria

  • withdrawal of foreign interference

  • stop the sanctions which are damaging the people

  • a fair distribution of humanitarian aid

  • negotiations and a democratic process

  • stop all breaches of the Geneva Convention

  • appeal for impartiality among the various NGOs active in Syria

  • support a new state that will guarantee equality, religious freedom and other liberties

These are some of the demands being put forward by the Syrian people.

Hands off Syria, no foreign interference, let the Syrian people decide, all foreign forces and terrorists out of Syria.

This should be the position of the Australian Government.

Long live the people’s resistance to imperialism!
Stop NATO’s dirty war against Syria!



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