The member organizations of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS) Guatemalan Chapter join this February 25, 2019, for the dignification of all victims of the Internal Armed Conflict, (war period in the country from 1960 to 1996.)

María del Rosario de Villatoro

María del Rosario de Villatoro, wife of the Trade Union Leader Amancio Samuel Villatoro. Disappeared on January 30, 1984, by the repressive forces of the Guatemalan state.

Today, February 25, we honour the memory of all those who suffered in one way or another state terrorism in its maximum cruelty. We dignify them with actions that promote the change of a system that only favours the power of capitalists and bureaucrats, not of the population and its needs.

In the year of 1999, three years after the signing of the Peace Agreement, the Commission for Historical Clarification (CEH) presented the Memory of Silence Report, which stated the atrocities made by the repressive forces of the Guatemalan state during the 36 years of war.

In the aforementioned report it is clarified that during the years of conflict, the Guatemalan state committed violations towards its civilian population, forced disappearances and executions of the population, not respecting the right to life of children, indigenous people, students, trade unionists and population in general.

Today, 20 years after the declaration of dignification of the victims of the internal armed conflict, we demand that the Congress of the Republic approve the proposal of Law 3590 that has been in process since 2009; an initiative that proposes to clarify the whereabouts of the disappeared.

In memory of all the victims today, more than ever, we will continue to be committed to the transcendental changes that lead us to a system where equity and respect govern.

Fundación Amancio Samuel Villatoro (FASV)
International League of Peoples’ Struggle Guatemala Chapter

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