Green economy: Imperialist recipe for sustainable exploitation

By Commission No. 6 of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS)

Agrarian Reform and the Rights of Peasants, Farmworkers, Rural Women, and Fisherfolk against Feudal and Semi Feudal and Capitalist Exploitation and Oppression

We the peasant mass movements and rural peoples organizations comprising Commission No. 6 of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS) expose, condemn and oppose to the highest order the imperialist camp, their junior partners, and their client and puppet states in orchestrating this new campaign for sustainable exploitation and plunder of global people’s resources under the banner of Green Economy.

The chiefs, agents and apologists of the discredited world capitalist system are exploring and exploiting the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development otherwise known as Rio+ 20 to mislead and coerce the toiling people of the world to accept their long-running program of modern-day slavery and triple platinum oppression of humanity under the pretext of sustainable development, poverty eradication and promotion of food security.

Twenty years ago, capitalist exploiters made the use of the same recipe courtesy of the First Rio Earth Summit in 1992. The outcome was a global disaster with half of the global population now living on less than $ 2.50 a day. Nearly 1 billion people, mostly from underdeveloped countries are traumatized by daily hunger and close to 2 billion people are terrorized by abject poverty.

Amidst the widespread poverty, hunger and dispossession, big capitalist economies managed to amass 70 percent of the world income, and this wealth is sealed in the hands of 20 wealthiest people, majority of them are headquartered in the protected borders of the United States, the European Union and other nations comprising the imperialist bloc.

The global reality depicts that the bottom 20 percent of the global population share only 1 percent of the global income, a lucid testimony to the widening gap between rich and poor countries under the current modern-day slavery of global monopoly capitalism.

The Green Economy agenda in Rio+20 will continue to and further intensify the policies of liberalization, privatization, deregulation and denationalization of underdeveloped economies. It will usher an unprecedented era of global landgrabbing, food crisis, massive joblessness, environmental catastrophe and worldwide dispossession.

The imperialist architects of Green Economy will further push wages of working people to rock bottom levels and more drastic cuts on social services, while providing super tax holidays, juicy contracts, corporate subsidies and grand bailouts to corporations.

The leading syndicate of Green Economy will smash totally all barriers to trade and investment in underdeveloped economies for the rapid and all-time-high exploitation of poor people and remaining natural resources.

The unbridled extraction of whatever is left to underdeveloped nations is given premium in the name of capital accumulation, super monopoly profits and further colonization and re-colonization of poor nations. The G8 syndicate is promoting Public –Private Partnership (PPP) to fast track corporate takeovers and grandslam privatization of people resources and make sure “sovereign guarantees” to transnational investors are assured or granted by client states and puppet governments.

The imperialist institutions like the IMF-WB are engaged in a major hard-sell of PPP to clinch arrangements for unhampered implementation of neo-liberalization programs and execution of economic prescriptions for massive extraction on underdeveloped economies through privatization, deregulation and denationalization.

Under the PPP scheme, neo-colonial and colonial partners of imperialist countries provide the enabling infrastructures to make it easy for capitalist powers to grab lands, plunder available resources and pursue corporate takeovers of other vital sections of the economy.

The green economy operators are eyeing a major increase in PPP investment in agriculture and agri-food chains in 2020 and make sure that underdeveloped nations’ agriculture, fisheries and forestry systems are fully integrated into relevant national and sectoral strategies open to foreign capital, investments and red carpet takeover.

The green economy will further undermine the people’s right to food, agricultural progress and rural development as domestic agricultural production program is imprisoned behind the bars of neo-liberal globalization.

After the Rio + 20 summit in Brazil, the capitalist powers will resume the grand conquer of agricultural and natural resources of underdeveloped nations and backward economies under the scheme of financialization and commodification of people and natural resources and massacre the people’s struggle for land, jobs, social justice and food sovereignty.

On the other hand, the GE paradigm will continue to promote green development with generation of green jobs detached from real economy and instill global mendicancy and worldwide alms begging through conditional-cash-transfers and ineffective institutional aid to poor people.

There is no other option for peoples of the world than to resist Green Economy, fight imperialism and strive for global freedom from imperialism and national exploitation of the local ruling elite.





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