Global Protest against the Atrocities of Fascist Modi Regime – Global Diaspora Alliance

Dear Friends,

We are a group of diaspora Indians who have come together to organise a global protest against the atrocities of the fascist Modi regime in India and to build international pressure on the government to be accountable for violence against minorities including caste based violence and violence communities, to repeal the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA) and release all incarcerated political prisoners.

The tentative details are:

Date: 24th of October 2020.

Time: will be confirmed based on convenience

Confirmed locations: London, Paris, New York

We are writing to you to ask if your organisation would be interested in participating in the protest. You are free to organise your own event or join other groups in your area.


How can you join?

●      You can coordinate a local protest in guidance with local lockdown rules (such as rule of 6 in the UK), ideally at prominent landmarks in your area.

●      Each location would be given a timeslot and every protest would be lived stream using Zoom and YouTube.

●      You can even organise a protest and send us a recording.

●      Invite speakers and performers (eg: music/poetry).

●      You can also invite global groups who are organising around similar issues in your area to build internationalist solidarity (eg: BLM, Free Palestine, etc.)

●      For example: Groups in London come together to organise the London Chapter of the protests. Groups of 6 congregate outside notable locations such as Tower Bridge, Parliament Square, Big Ben, India House etc. and do speeches and performances. Each city would be given a fixed time slot and then they pass it on to the next location. So we can go from London to Paris to New York.

●      If you cannot organise the protests, you can also engage in the following ways:

❖    Join a Twitter Storm happening at the same time (we will provide template tweets and hashtags closer to the time)

❖    Send us your pictures and video to us which can be used for a coordinated social media campaign. This may be used to create consolidated video after.

●      We will create a datawrapper map of collectives across the world who will be participating to underline the breadth of our reach.

Through this we also want to create something long term since we have a long fight in front of us. We are aiming to create a global network of diaspora India who stand against the violence propagated by the current BJP government. Please get in touch with the following information if you would like to join this Global Diaspora Alliance:

  1. Name of organisation
  2. Location (city): [In case of organisations spanning multiple cities, provide a few names]
  3. Email id: (no personal ids, only organisation ids)
  4. Website: (if any)
  5. Twitter handle: (if any)
  6. Facebook: (if any)
  7. Instagram handle: (if any)
  8. YouTube Channel: (if any)
  9. Any favourable time slots.

This will help people find like minded people/groups around them and create a global network of dissent who are joined in the critique and concerns around what is happening in India. If you provide consent, we would also like to add your organisation to our datawrapper maps. So please do let us know if you do not want to be added to the map.

Please feel free to write to us for further information, comments or feedback.

Our email address is [email protected]

In Solidarity,

Global Diaspora Alliance

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