Justice for the Kidapawan people, victims of the State massacre in the Philippines!

By ILPS Indonesia

The central government of the Philippines under the Aquino regime has committed crimes against the Filipino people through the forced dissolution and brutally shootings in Kidapawan, north Cotabato, southern Mindanao which resulted in seven people died, 116 were injured and, 89 people missing. The shooting was an expression of anti-people regime that will always be oppressive to all democratic demands of the people amid the increasingly acute of the chronic crisis.

The demands of Kidapawan People in Mindanao Filipino in order to get food and fast handling of the drought problem which ongoing affected them for three months is an objective demand. In the midst of the chronic crisis, the state precisely establishing the monopoly system of lands which favorable for imperialist (capitalist monopolies) and the big landlords and comprador (imperialist accomplices) in the Philippines.

The crisis has led to the intensification of land grabbing and monopolization, Exploitation of the resources and natural wealth of the world which have directly led to millions of farmers and people are losing their land (became Landless). Evictions, violence and criminalization, worsening the poverty and hunger in various countries.

Based on data published by IFAD stated that, currently there are about 275 million poor people in the world who do not own land, or equal to 25% of the 1.1 billion total number of poor people in the world. In addition, about 200 million people do not have enough land (small scale ownership) to get the decent standard of life.

As the result of the massively increase of land grabbing and monopolies, and exploitation of the natural resources today, also have inevitably worsened the food insecurity in various countries. According to the joint report published by FAO, WFP and IFAD in May 2015, states that: a). The world’s malnutrition rate reached 795 million people, while 780 million of the total, are located in developing countries and, b). Asia in particular has become the largest number of malnutrition, reaching 487 million people. India remains the country with the largest number of hungry, reaching 195 million people, China (134 million) and Ethiopia (32 million), even in Bangladesh, 55.3 million people live without food. Globally the world shows that, one of the nine people live in chronic hunger and, 60% of the numbers of hungry in the world are women.

In the midst of the bitterest miseries, the people will definitely conduct their resistances and will get bigger continuously. On the other hand, the fascist oppression will also increase. This is shown when the people of Lore Lindu, Sigi Regency in Central Sulawesi blockaded and were shot by the regional police force when the masses still on their way to join the action ranks of Front Perjuangan Rakyat-FPR (The People Struggle Front) in a series of global action on The Day of Landless last March 29. The incident has caused 14 people suffered gunshot wounds, and 103 people were detained by the police that even today there are still 20 people who have not been acquired.

Three days later, a similar incident occurred in Kidapawan, north Cotabato, Mindanao, in the Philippines. The farmers and Lumad tribe was brutally attacked by the combined forces of the national police and air force of the Philippine. The Mass action was attacked after many days of protests in front of the national food security agency office, Southern Mindanao region.

The mass action of farmers and thus indigenous people are, in fact staged to demanding of food aid and quickly respond to the government for the disaster of El Nino that caused droughts for approximately three months. The Farmer’s families and the broads people in Kidapawan Cotabato, as well as in eight other provinces in the Philippines is experiencing hunger and run out of food stock, because of their food crops and other plants have been damaged and destroyed by drought.

Based on the objective reality mentioned above, in the momentum of global action day to demanding of “Land, Food and Justice” for the people today, we are the National Chapter of the International League of the People’s Struggle (ILPS) Indonesia convey our highest Salute and strong solidarity for the persistence struggle of the peasants, the Indigenous people and the broad people in Kidapawan in particularly and the whole people of the Philippines. We also support any form of the struggle for the Filipinos people to demand the fulfillment of their social, economic, political and cultural rights. ILPS Indonesia also condemned the state violence that has harmed the peasantry and the broad people, both in the Philippines, Indonesia and in various other countries.

The ILPS Indonesia, together with the various sectors of the people’s movements in Indonesia, in the Philippines and (especially the members of ILPS) in various countries, demanding:

  1. President Aquino must take full responsibility for the shooting against the farmers and the Lumad tribes in Kidapawan, Philippine by the combined forces of the Philippine National Police and the Philippine air force,
  2. Aquino government should immediately realize the demands of the people for food aid and other forms of the quick handling to the victims and to the whole community,
  3. Demanding the Aquino administration to stop the violent ways to faced/answer the demands of the people and, immediately releases the farmers and Lumad tribe members who are still detained,
  4. Demand for Jokowi’s Government responsible of the brutally act of the Police shooting of the peasantry in Lorelindu, central Sulawesi-Indonesia,
  5. Demanding the Jokowi’s government to immediately release 20 peasantry and the mass action which was retained by the region Police of Central Sulawesi,
  6. Demand the puppet Government across the country to stop the plunder and monopoly of land, food and other natural resources, and realize the justice for the people!

Called on the oppressed people in Indonesia and across the world to keep united, continue to expand and advance the common struggle against every form of oppression!

Long Live People Struggle!!
Long Live International Solidarity!!Click to enlarge image kidapawan_ILPS-Indonesia13.jpg

International League of the People’s Struggle (ILPS) Indonesia

Rudi HB. Daman

L. Muh. Hasan Harry Sandy AME

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