Filipino youth stand in solidarity with Palestine

photo: Anakbayan

The League of Filipino Students denounces the actions of Israel in its violent killings of innocent Palestinians protesting along the Gaza border, as well as the imperialist US’ support of Israel’s murderous actions against Palestinians. Zionist Israel proved itself nothing more but a terrorist nation for promoting violence and inciting chaos which have led to the killings of innocent civilians fighting for their right to land, life, and independence.

The military conflict in the Levant has deep roots, having its origins even before the two World Wars begun, and tensions have escalated since because of the selfish interventions of imperialist nations, most notably of Great Britain and the United States. Tensions between Israel and Palestine further escalated when US President Donald Trump declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel and even moved its embassy there from Tel-Aviv. Palestinians flooded the streets and marched to the Gaza border to protest, and this was when Israel turned to violence to try to suppress them.

Last July 14, 2018, 15-year old Osman Halas, was executed in cold blood by snipers from the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Osman Halas adds to the countless martyrs who fearlessly fought Zionist Israel’s attacks against the Palestinian people. Also, a few days ago, Israel launched an airstrike on Gaza Strip which injured at least 15 civilians and killed at least two.

As part of the peace negotiations between Israel and Palestine, the U.S should have played a role as an arbiter in resolving the deeply-rooted military conflict in the Middle East. But from the very beginning, the US has always sided with Zionist Israel. The US was in fact instrumental for the creation of the Jewish state in 1948, after all, it would be greatly beneficial for the US to use Israel in its goal of expanding influence over the resource-rich Middle East. Imperialist nations continue to assert their de-facto dictatorship amongst other nations to further their interest over the mineral-rich region.

To this, the Filipino youth stands in solidarity with Palestine and the victims of Israel’s genocide against Palestinians. The League is one with the Palestinian people in calling for an end to violence and for the recognition of their right to land, life, and self-determination. The Filipino people are one with the Palestinians in the struggle against imperialist intervention and exploitation.

The League remains ever zealous to advance the national democratic revolution towards victory. The youth, in solidarity with the oppressed peoples of the Philippines and the world, will surely achieve victory. ###

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