From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!

Stop genocide in Gaza!Red Sparks Union member Aiyanas Ormond addresses the Al Quds Rally

Submitted by ILPS Canada

Militant greetings from the International League of Peoples’ Struggle and Red Sparks Union in Vancouver!

Around the world people are marching and rising for Palestine, not only because we want to join in condemning the horrible racist fascist violence that the Israeli state is unleashing against the Palestinian people but also because we are inspired by the steadfastness and determination of Palestinians in their struggle for liberation.

The ILPS has been part of this international rising especially in East Asia where ILPS has led actions in solidarity with Palestine in the Philippines, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

For more and more people around the world the murderous Israeli attacks over the past month have exposed Israel for what it is: a racist, fascist, colonial State. How else can we describe a State that slaughters children in the way we have seen Israel do in Gaza for the past weeks, where the speaker of the Parliament calls for the murder and expulsion of Palestinians from Gaza, and its annexation so that it can “become part of sovereign Israel” and be “populated by Jews” (those are quotes), a state where armed encampments’ of settlers regularly attack and terrorize the indigenous Palestinian population in the most violent and racist ways, and where mobs of fascist youth attack peace rallies with approval of the media and while the police look on.

What else do you call a State that would purposefully bombs a U.N. facility sheltering civilians?

It bears mentioning that this latest Israeli atrocity strongly echoes the Tamil genocide of 2009 when the Sri Lankan military used coordinates provided by the U.N. to target emergency medical and relief facilities in its murderous campaign. There as here, the Sri Lankan regime used the tagging of the Tamil resistance and national liberation forces as ‘terrorists’ to unleash state terror against the civilian population in order to achieve its real purpose of ethnic cleansing and colonization.

We could also look to U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan and murderous campaign of the Indian state against the people of Kashmir and its counter insurgency against Adivasi peoples resisting development aggression.

In all these instances the ‘so-called’ international community – really the imperialist powers who are the ones paying the piper and calling the tune – look on with approval.

This is the new world of imperialism, much like the old, where the people, both their fundamental human rights and their lives, will be traded for the slightest military and economic advantage of the imperialist powers and their ruling classes.

And we should be clear that Canada is fully a part of this imperialist camp. In a new round of adds Prime Minister Harper brags that Canada and Israel are the “best of friends” because of “our shared history and values”. That’s absolutely true. Canada and Israel share a history of settler-colonialism, genocide and theft of the lands of Indigenous people on which these states are built. And we can be sure that part of the calculus of Canada’s outrageous support for Israeli war crimes is that the Canadian ruling class also wants a free hand in dealing with the resistance of Indigenous people with militarized state violence as it has done previously, for example at Gufstafsen Lake in 1995 and in Oka in 1990.

In fact Canada’s so-called terrorist list and anti terrorism legislation have been used mainly to target Indigenous people struggling for land, sovereignty and self-determination within the borders claimed by Canada; and against genuine national liberation movements abroad. The Canadian list includes all of the organizations of the Palestinian resistance and the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah, basically amounting to an endorsement of a monopoly on violence by Israel and a criminalization of any resistance by Palestinian or Lebanese forces to the routine Zionist expansionism, massacres, kidnapping and imprisonment and other collective punishment.

Challenging the so-called terrorist list and the tagging of people’s liberation struggles as terrorism, including when such labeling is used against Indigenous people in Canada, is an important way that we can break through the Canadian imperialist and Zionist propaganda and support genuine struggles for liberation, including our brothers and sisters in Palestine.

Before I finish I want to say a few words about Palestine and the Palestinian resistance.

Although it is unbearable to watch this massacre and although our hearts cry for the Palestinians ruthlessly murdered by the occupier, especially the children, it remains clear that Palestinians will liberate Palestine! While on the one hand the Israelis have done their best to turn Gaza into an open air prison and now into a killing zone, the Palestinian resistance in Gaza is showing very clearly that Gaza is the first step in the liberation of all Palestine. There will never again be Israeli settlements in Gaza. In this sense, despite the horrible and unnecessary loss of life, the resistance is truly winning a great victory for the Palestinian people in Gaza!

And I think that the forces for the liberation of Palestine are going to emerge from this crisis stronger and more determined. The Palestinian liberation struggle has always been strongest when the masses – the Palestinian working class, farmers and fisherfolk, and especially Palestinian women – are fully and actively participating in the liberation struggle as in the 1936 Uprising and in the First Intifada in 1982. Oslo was a major setback and disorientation, but now the Palestinian masses are grasping and owning their liberation struggle again! In particular the leadership of Palestinian women in the Right of Return movement, the solidarity movement in the Shatat, and in the struggle to support and free the Prisoners is a bright sign for the liberation of Palestine.

Palestinians will liberate Palestine, and in this mission Palestinians are joined in solidarity by millions of others around the world who are also engaged in struggling against imperialism and reactionary regimes and for liberation and a just and lasting peace.

Victory to the Palestinian Resistance!
Free Ahmad Sa’adat and all Palestinian prisoners!
End the Siege on Gaza!
Free Palestine!
Long Live International Solidarity!

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