FREE PALESTINE: October 2020 Month of Global Solidarity with the Palestinian People

On the occasion of the Month of Solidarity with Palestinian People, ILPS Commission 3 on Political Prisoners and Human Rights extend our most militant solidarity to the Palestinian Struggle for National Liberation. We call for end to the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine including the recently announced Imperialist/Zionist annexation plan. We call for an end to the ruthless oppression of Palestinians in Occupied Territories. We condemn the continuing scheme of the Israeli government to obliterate Palestine, its heritage and culture in its vain attempt to arrest Palestinian cultural workers.

We call for the release of the estimated 5,000 Palestinian political prisoners held in various Israeli occupation prisons. We demand the immediate and unconditional release of children prisoners, numbering 180 at the latest count.

We salute the Palestinian people for their valiant feat and unrelenting effort to claim back their land and fight the injustices and historical wrongs committed against them.

We call on all freedom loving peoples of the world to stand up with the Palestinian people to defend their land against Israeli colonialists and US imperialism.

From the River to the Sea – Palestine will be Free!

International League for Peoples’ Struggles (ILPS) – Commission 3

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