More than 50 participants in the ILPS 6th assembly attended a special event on the Challenges and Prospects of the Struggles in Africa and West Asia. Resourse persons from both regions highlighted the current political and economic crises in their respective continent including the resistance of different social movements against imperialist plunder and war.

Anti-imperialist speakers from Togo, Zambia, Jordan, and the USA presented the Palestinian struggle underlining the call to condemn Trump’s Deal of the Century that supposedly aims to end the 70 year old Israeli-Arab conclift in the country. For Palestinians, it is the worst attempt so far of the US to bribe Arab countries to concede to the total
eradication of Palestine in the world map.

Representatives from Togo and Zambia presented on the imperialist plunder of natural resources and the rising militarism in Africa. They noted the military interventions of France and the US in the region, and explained how France controls West Africa through its currency, the CFA Francs. The panelists also discussed the new continental trade agreement, which tightens imperialist control of the continent as a dumping ground for over production and a continued source of cheap raw materials.


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