FAREWELL REMARKS: Excerpt from the Report of the ILPS Chairperson Jose Maria Sison to the ILPS Sixth International Assembly in Hong Kong on June 23, 2019

I think I have already done my best to serve the principles, policies, aims and purposes of the ILPS for a long period of time. I wish therefore to announce that I shall not run for reelection to the International Coordinating Committee (ICC) and shall therefore step down as the Chairperson of the body as soon as the new ICC is elected towards the end of the International Assembly.

I have already served the ILPS for more than 20 years: as chairperson of the International Initiative Committee that prepared the founding of the ILPS from 1998 to 2001, as Chairperson of the First International Assembly before it elected the First ICC in 2001, as General Consultant to the First ICC with term of office from 2001 to 2004, and as Chairperson of the ICC elected by the second, third, fourth and fifth international assemblies.

I wish to thank the entire ILPS, its leading organs, its commissions and every member-organization, every national chapter and every global region committee for having extended trust, confidence and support for every ICC that I have chaired and for letting me serve in various capacities.

I am confident that the 6th International Assembly, over which Vice Chairperson Len Cooper continues to preside on my behalf as Chairperson, will elect a new ICC that will carry forward the principles, policies, aims, and purposes of the ILPS through the campaigns and activities to a new and higher level of success.

I wish the 6th International Assembly and the prospective ICC the utmost success. I congratulate in advance the ICC to be elected by the assembly and the colleague whom the ICC shall elect as Chairperson.

I fervently hope that in the years to come the League will become ever stronger and more powerful in carrying out the anti-imperialist and democratic struggle and in helping to advance the cause of national liberation, democracy and socialism.

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