#EndUSDuterteRegime #SONA2021|ILPS Africa and West Asia Solidarity Statement

Solidarity with the people of the Philippines fighting the Duterte regime!

The International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS) in Africa and West Asia expresses its warmest solidarity with the Filipino people who are fighting the murderous and tyrannical, corrupt and incompetent, neocolonial and anti-people administration of Rodrigo Duterte.

As an alliance of anti-imperialist grassroots organizations in countries of the Global South, ILPS-Africa and West Asia has been following closely the developments in the Philippines. We know the grave crimes of the Duterte regime against the Filipino people, and the latter’s fierce resistance.

We are familiar with leaders who promise immediate change but only worsen existing conditions, with leaders who invoke the national interest in oppressing and repressing their very own people, and with leaders who pretend to be serving the poor but actually serve foreign powers.

The Covid-19 pandemic has been devastating the world, but the Philippines is more gravely affected than others. We condemn the Duterte regime’s militaristic and anti-science approach. It is responsible for the Philippines’ awful performance in global rankings on pandemic response.

At the same time, the ILPS in Africa and West Asia hails the people’s resistance movement in the Philippines. Its perseverance in fighting for genuine freedom and democracy in the Philippines and its anti-imperialist solidarity is an inspiration to many of our member-organizations.

Today, as Duterte delivers what is hopefully his last State of the Nation Address, we reiterate our condemnation of Duterte — who will most likely lie about his performance and the true state of the Philippines, order the continuation of his rotten policies, and attack critics and independent voices.

Today, we also reiterate our solidarity with the people’s resistance movement in the Philippines. We trust that it will continue to fight, to expand and strengthen itself, to struggle for an end to the Duterte regime — whether before the 2022 elections, through it, or in its aftermath.

The coming months are bound to be difficult for Duterte. The Filipino people seek an end to the long and dark night of his presidency. Battling extreme repression, the Filipino people’s movement for national freedom and democracy is bound to become stronger and avail of favorable conditions.

Fora Duterte!
End Duterte’s tyranny, down with fascism!
Viva the Filipino people’s struggle for national freedom and democracy, viva!

Down with imperialism!
Long live international solidarity!

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