End US-backed colonization of West Papua

Issued by the Office of the Chairperson
International League of Peoples’ Struggle
26 August 2019

The Indonesian government is imposing further restrictions of communications coming from occupied West Papua. Worse, it is deploying more reactionary armed troops for its longstanding campaign of genocide against the people and plunder of their rich natural resources.

The people of West Papua are not to be subjugated. They are resisting the giant mining corporations such as Freeport McMoran. They are defending against brutal campaigns of massacre, torture and rape perpetrated by the Indonesian military. They are fighting against increasing displacement of the indigenous people from government-sponsored transmigration. They are asserting national self-determination and liberation.

We need to expose and oppose the colonization and occupation of West Papua and sustain our support for the people’s struggle. Many have yet to be informed about the life and death struggle in West Papua.

Your statements of support, solidarity actions and petitions are urgently needed. In particular, we enjoin ILPS members to partake in the following activities initiated by the Merdeka West Papua Support Network:

  1. Hold pickets, protests, or other symbolic actions in front of the Indonesian Embassies/ Consulates or freedom parks in your respective countries as part of the August month-long global action for West Papua.
  2. Submit a petition or letter to the Indonesian Embassy/Consulate in your country calling their attention and immediate action on the human rights violations in West Papua.
  3. Release a public statement expressing solidarity for West Papua, and condemnation of the atrocities against the Papuan peoples by the Indonesian Government in collusion with Imperialist states such as the US.
  4. Record a video of you and/or your organization with your message of solidarity for West Papua and/or take photos using these posters (feel free to add more): tiny.cc/MerdekaWP

Campaign materials are available through the following platforms:

*Merdeka West Papua Support Network
*Indigenous Peoples Movement for Self Determination & Liberation/IPMSDL
*ILPS Commission 10


Len Cooper
International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS)

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