Defend the rights of all educators against state terrorism, free Prof. GN Saibaba of Ram Lal Anand College New Delhi

Statement for the immediate release of Prof. GN Saibaba

ILPS Commission No. 11
09 July 2014

We, the members of Commission on Concern No. 11, “Rights of Teachers, Researchers and Other Education Personnel and the struggle Against Ideas and Research Directed against the People,” of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS), join all  progressive and militant teachers and educational workers and progressive organizations and individuals around the world in condemning the arrest of Dr. G N Saibaba, an Asst. Professor in English at Ram Lal Anand College, New Delhi on 9 May 2014.

He was abducted by the Gadchiroli Police of Maharashtra from Delhi University, taken immediately to the airport and transported to Gadchiroli. He is now in judicial custody and arraigned. According to the Gadchiroli police, Prof. Saibaba has been mobilizing urban support to the Maoist party, which is a banned organization engaged in armed struggle and been a conduit for communication. Further, the police suggest, they need to take strong measures to apprehend Saibaba, even though he is a physically challenged person and even if it means violating the laws for it is “in the larger interests of society”.

These are false allegations and trumped up charges to silence and stop Prof. Saibaba who, despite his medical and physical condition, has  been in the forefront of  democratic struggle for safeguarding the rights of the underprivileged, the deprived, the poor and the powerless. He is a valued member of the Delhi University community, and an invaluable voice in the struggle to uphold human rights. He is an extremely popular teacher, with a passionate interest in reading, researching and teaching literature. His arrest therefore is a great loss for the students and University and the people he is fighting for.

Prof. Saibaba’s illegal arrest and detention is not only peculiar to India but also rampant in other parts of the world including the Philippines, where state terrorism in the forms of  imperialist-led militarization and counter-insurgency is used to suppress democratic rights of the people. Prof. Saibaba is just one among the long list of teachers and educators around the world who are victims of state repression and human rights violations. In the Philippines, we have Prof. Kim Gargar, a people’s scientist and physicist, who was also illegally arrested last October 1, 2013 based on trumped up charges concocted by the fascist military of the state. We therefore feel strong sympathy for the plight of Prof. Saibaba. We share the same state of impunity that the people of India suffer. Thus we strongly condemn the illegal arrest and detention of Prof. Saibaba. We demand his immediate release!

Prof. Saibaba’s arrest sends chilling effects against all teachers and educational workers, not only in India but especially in the developing nations, who are fighting for national democratic struggles. Such arrest and inhumane treatment of a physically challenged educator is a warning that state terrorism does not discriminate in unleashing its brutal violence. As the capitalist crisis intensifies and the resistance to imperialist neo-liberal programs and policies grows in strength, imperialism’s suppression also intensifies. But as educators, we courageously stand united together with our people and the progressive movements around the world, to defend the rights of Prof. Saibaba and other fellow educators.

We call on our fellow teachers, educational organizations, and our friends from other countries to strongly condemn this incident and demand the immediate release of Prof. Saibaba. We should not allow state terrorism to deter educators from organizing and educating the people to raise up against repression and exploitation.  

Free Prof. GN Saibaba!
Fight for human rights of all teachers and educational workers!
Oppose state terrorism!
Down with fascism!
Teachers of the world unite against imperialism and state terrorism!
A people united cannot be defeated!
Long live international solidarity!

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