Defend progressive migrant and refugee advocates from persecution!

Written by ILPS TIA Workshop 16

WHEREAS, Dr. Irene Fernandez is the director and co-founder of the militant non-governmental women’s organization Tenaganita, which promotes the rights of migrant workers and other oppressed and poor people in Malaysia; she was awarded the Right Livelihood Award (considered as the alternative Nobel Peace Prize) for “her outstanding work to stop violence against women and abuses of migrant and poor workers”; and was one of the jurors of the renowned Rome-based Permanent People’s Tribunal (second session on the Philippines);

WHEREAS, because of her outstanding work among migrants and her commitment to stand up against imperialist globalization and imperialist-led wars of aggression, Dr. Fernandez was elected member of the International Coordinating Committee (ICC) of the ILPS;

WHEREAS, Dr. Fernandez has become one of the victims in the increasing trend to persecute progressive migrant and migrant and human rights advocates by anti-people governments, states, forces and entities; she was charged with maliciously publishing false news, found guilty in 2003 and was imprisoned for one year; her rights continue to be restricted by the Malaysian authorities, but she continues on her work among women migrants and undocumented workers and continues to be a staunch anti-imperialist and firm human and migrant rights advocates;

BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED, that the ILPS intensify political struggles to defend the rights of Dr. Fernandez and other victims of the global trend of fascism and aggressive wars generated by the imperialist powers and their reactionary puppets.

ILPS Study Commission No. 16
Adopted/Approved: 19 June 2008

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