Save the date!It has been more than two years since COVID-19 became a global pandemic. Within that period, the pandemic has ravaged lives, health and livelihood of the people. The multiple crises in the world have been further aggravated by economic, political and social impacts of the pandemic. While the global elites and multinational and transnational companies raked it even more tremendous profits than before, the majority of world’s peoples especially workers, peasants and other oppressed and exploited sectors have seen heightened poverty, precarity, dispossession and displacement.

Various forms, duration and intensity of lockdowns have also been implemented in various countries accompanied in many cases by extreme police and even military presence and operation.This year, a number of countries have started to pursue a “living with COVID” attitude and restrictions in internal mobility and cross-border entry are gradually relaxed. As social movements face the post-pandemic landscape, it is important to converse and pursue unities on how people’s movements faced the challenges of the pandemic and discuss issues that emerged and continue to exist from the pandemic situation.To this end and as part of the People’s Fightback Against Fascism (PFAF), the ILPS South Asia and the People Over Profit (POP) are organising an online forum on COVID Lockdowns: Unlocking Fascism, Unleashing Resistance on April 23 at 9:30PM (HK time).

To register:

Please invite your members and networks.The online forum shall be a springboard for further plans that aim to contribute to the various campaigns on fascism highlighted by the PFAF.


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