ILPS Commission 10 strongly condemns the Government of India’s crackdown on Manipur activists Mr. T Shadishkanta and Mr. Kh Phajaton airing their rightful grievance and dissent by calling for immediate relief and support to the marginalized, Indigenous community and national minority in time of COVID-19.

YFPHR is an active network of ILPS Commission 10 in Manipur, India. It has been at the forefront of youth and people’s movement for the rights and welfare of Manipur people.

Let us show our support by calling for their immediate release! The criminal-like style of picking them up in the middle of the night without any warrant and arrest memo reeks of inhumane and gangster-style disregard of their rights as a citizen.

We hold the Imphal police and the State accountable for any untoward incident that may happen to Mr. T Shadishkanta and Mr. Kh Phajaton.

Surface and free Manipur activists!
Stop the attacks!
Stop the arrests!
Rights and not repression!


Report from YFPHR:

“Mr. T Shadishkanta, Secretary of Youth’s Forum for Protection of Human Rights (YFPHR) has been picked up from his residence without warrant and arrest memo at around 10:00pm IST by the police of Imphal East Porompat Police Station for issuing a press statement on

The president of the Forum was inquired at the office while he was at home quarantined which later the Officer in Charge of Porompat Imphal East called him to meet without providing the actual reason when inquired repeatedly. Various miss call were received while he was unavailable.

Further he received call from Imphal West Superintendent office asking about his whereabouts, prior to this call the SP himself called up and asked him to withdraw the press statement sent to all the media houses, if not and if the news comes out in media than they will slapped FIR against him.

President of the Forum Mr Kh Phajaton’s home has been raided by the police at around 11:00 pm along with the secretary of the Forum at around 10pm. YFPHR have issued various statement in connection with the Covid19 crisis to protect the civilians and against human rights violations and racial discrimination.

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