Condemn destructive project and forced eviction in Sangakpham, Manipur

Campaign for Peace & Democracy (Manipur)

Campaign for Peace & Democracy condemned the forced eviction perpetrated by the Government of Manipur in Sangakpham area on 13 May 2013. The act fully reflected the use of colonial Land Acquisition Act 1894 to serve the capital interest of contractors (including the owners of excavators) and bureaucratic manipulation.

Firstly, the homesteads that had been more than 30 years old and the economic livelihood based on it were destroyed at gun point without any prior alternative arrangement. Secondly, no sufficient time was allotted to take up legal initiatives against the eviction order.

The eviction notice released on 9 and was informed on 10 evening. The following two days were second Saturday and Sunday holidays. On 13 morning forced eviction was carried out with the support of repressive forces. There was obstruction to media coverage.

In the cases above the issue of human rights was absolutely bypassed. Constitutional rights were violated. It was a big blow to the weak and impoverished by a collusion of contractors and bureaucrats in the name of project.

It is fully exposed that those bureaucrats who had educated in India and enforcing colonial laws are merely stamp pads of contractors cum political elites.

We condemn the inhuman act of the clique who acted as disgrace to humanity and violated humanitarian laws. The displaced families of Sangakpham, Kabow Leikai, Loktak, Lamphel Yaifa Leikai, Mapithel dam, etc must be adequately compensated and rehabilitated. Lei-ingkhol must not be forcibly destroyed in the name of project to make the villagers suffer.

17 May 2013

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