Communique from the Initiative Committee for the ILPS First International Assembly

We, the Initiative Committee, convened on January 15-16, 2000 and agreed to undertake the preparations for the launching of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle through its First International Assembly, from December 16 to 17, 2000 in Germany.

The League shall promote, support and develop the anti-imperialist and democratic struggle of the workers and oppressed peoples of the world in order to oppose the ideological, political, military, economic and cultural domination and attacks of imperialism and reaction.

The League shall expose and oppose the inhuman policies and acts of the multinational companies, their governments and international instruments such as the IMF, World Bank, WTO and military alliances.

The League shall act to realize the unity, cooperation and coordination of the following: workers, unions and organizations of women, youth, peasants, teachers, health workers, journalists, writers, scientists, and technologists, lawyers and other professionals, and popular movements, campaigns and just causes involving such concerns as enumerated below.

The League shall stand and fight for the following:

  1. National and social liberation from imperialism and all reaction and resistance to foreign aggression and intervention;

  2. Human rights in the civil, political, economic, social and cultural fields against state violence, national oppression, class exploitation, fascism, racism and religious bigotry;

  3. The cause of peace against wars of aggression and against nuclear and other genocidal weapons;

  4. Independent trade union and workers’ and toilers’ rights and reduction of working hours at full pay against mass unemployment and decreasing wage levels;

  5. Rights of peasants, farm workers and fisherfolk against feudal and semifeudal exploitation and oppression;

  6. The rights of women and rights against all forms of sexual discrimination, exploitation and violence;

  7. Rights of the youth to education and employment;

  8. Children’s rights against child labor and other forms of exploitation;

  9. Rights of indigenous peoples and nationalities against chauvinism and racism;

  10. The rights of teachers, researchers and other educational personnel;

  11. The right of the people to health care and the rights of health workers;

  12. Rights and welfare of refugees and migrant workers;

  13. Environmental protection against plunder and pollution; and

  14. The right to safe and healthy food free from genetic manipulation.

In preparation for the First International Assembly (FIA) of the League, we have done the following:

  1. We have formulated the proposed statutes of the League for consideration and ratification by the First International Assembly.

  2. We have drawn up the plan for organizing the First International Assembly and the workshops on the fourteen concerns of the League and have decided to adopt the theme “Peoples’ Demands for International Solidarity in the 21st Century”, the initial list of participants, the tentative program of activities, the time and place; and

  3. We have constituted and mandated a Provisional Secretariat to realize the aforesaid plan, invite prospective participating organizations and patrons of the League and raise the necessary resources for holding the First International Assembly.

  4. We have also formed the Host Country Workgroup to fulfill the requirements for holding the International Assembly in Germany.

We call on all organizations interested in joining the League to communicate with the provisional secretariat at the following address:

t.a.v. Stichting INPS
Postbus 1452
NL-3500BL Utrecht
The Netherlands

Tel.: 31 30 2805781 // Fax: 31 20 5241586

e-mail: [email protected]

We call on everyone to access our website in order to monitor the preparations for the First International Assembly: website:

Initiative Committee Members:

  • JOSE MARIA SISON, Representative of Center for Social Studies
  • VEIT MUELLER, Representative of Workers’ Training Center, Arbeiterbildungszentrum (ABZ)
  • CRISPIN BELTRAN, Representative of Kilusang Mayo Uno
  • KLAUS HUBER, Representative of Solidariteit International
  • CARMENCITA KARAGDAG-PERALTA, Representative of Promotion of Church People’s Response, Member, Central Committee, World Council of Churches
  • JORGE HURTADO POZO, Representative of Instituto “Amaru”
  • Representative of Democratic Anti-imperialist Organization of Iranians in Britain
  • Representative of Confederation of Workers from Turkey in Europe (ATIK)
  • Representative of Devrimci Demokrat Sendikal Berlik, Revolutionary Democratic Syndicalist Union (DDSB)

(Nota Bene: The above list of concerns is modified by the Third Meeting of the International Initiative Committee. Please look at the updated list, marked June 8, 2000.)

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