Joint press release of the coordinating committee of the asylum seekers and their supporting activist groups in Germany

(see below Karawane call to participate in Protest March)

A call has been published by the coordination committee of striking refugees in which the several groups of activists in the field of refugee issues had called for a gathering to organise a new project in the series of the chain struggles of refugees in Germany in order to stimulate an all-together event. The struggle had started since 19th March ’12 in Würzburg, Bavaria, and had been extended at the moment to seven cities in four Regions.

The gathering had been held on 4th and 5th August in Frankfurt with the presence of coordination committee and the representatives of different groups and the project is to gather all strikers in the capital of the Federal republic of Germany, Berlin. The primary plan of the project was put forward during two days of debate.

In the end two different trajectories were chosen from Würzburg to Berlin. The shorter trajectory was chosen for the march and the longer one for the cars  to reach Berlin; in both refugees and supporting activists would participate. The departure day has been set to 8th of September 2012.

The two day meeting lead to the formation of five workgroups to organise the projects which are: Financial workgroup, Logistics workgroup for both trajectories, Communication workgroup, Documentation work group and the Media workgroup.

The call will be translated into several languages and in the following days will be published in the striking refugees’ websites in different cities and in the official websites of activists of refugee issues.

The summer camp “Break Isolation “  will be started from 23rd of August 2012  in Erfurt,  Gispersleben. 2012 that is organised by The VOICE Refugee Forum and The Caravan for the rights of refugees and migrants in Germany.
The coordination committee is in accordance with the objectives of the Summer camp “Break Isolation” and declares that the Berlin march and the summer camp share the same objectives and the Berlin march is an important serious project for the Camp. The coordination committee will hold a Conference and workshops to present the way the protest tents will function on 25th and 26th of August a meeting to organise the march Berlin.

We are organizing to break the isolation on a nationwide mobilizzation against deportation and Lager protest to close down the refugee camps and to break the Residenzpflicht restriction in all over Germany.

The coordination committee of striking refugees in the Federal Republic of Germany
(Würzburg, Aub, Regensburg, Düsseldorf and Berlin)

KARAWANE Für die Rechte der Flüchtlinge und Migrantinnen
The Voice Refugee Forum
Karawane München
Karawane  Berlin
linksjugend [‘solid] NRW

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A call to join the Protest March project to Berlin

The Refugees went for a new era of protest on March, 19th 2012 against the inhuman living circumstances and the dreadful asylum law in Germany. Right now there are protestcamps in 9 cities in four different federal states. We’ll send you as an attachment the press declaration of the strikers announcing a protest march to Berlin in order to continue the protest alltogether.

Two different rallies will be on the way to Berlin. There will be a route for the bus which takes some more time and at the same time a march directly towards Berlin. Purpose of this protest form is to mobilize refugees living in Lagers to join in. After an intensive debate the coordinating committee and supporting groups decided to establish 5 workinggroups. Every group or individual who is willing to make this protest a success is invited to support us for the whole protest as well as for parts of this march. There are already some supporters but we still need everyone for succeeding in our big plans. The focused quantity will increase the protest’s quality, thus the collective character of the aim is on the shoulders of the alltogether of the participating and supporting groups, means all are responsible for this success. The workgroups will work on different areas of responsibility. To get a clearer picture we’ll introduce their tasks in the following part.

Communication work group:

  1. Start contacting groups and individuals in the cities which we’ll pass along our two routes to Berlin to activate local support. In the following we’ll give you a few examples. It is important to ensure the safety e.g. by having security guards furthermore solidarity is very welcome. The group has to write a list with of all active groups and individuals so that the logistic group can use this information and structures.

  2. Connect to lawyers who are familiar with the asylum laws or/and the rights of assembly – to solve problems quickly.

Logistic work group:

Refugees as well as activists form this group. This group is responsible to solve all logistical issues on both tracks.

  1. For this protest march we need different permissions – it has to be registered. We need places to rest; we need to hold local demonstrations… to ensure safety to all refugees this part is really important. Parts of the protest march can/should be registered by local groups.

  2. We need a car for all the material and baggage of the refugees as well as a caravan with a toilet… in case we can’t find a service area.

  3. Important things in both routes are:

    1. Places to sleep

    2. Tents and sleeping bags

    3. Food and drinks

    4. Escort car

    5. Toilettes and the possibility to take a shower

    6. Electricity (especially on countryside)

    7. First aid and medical support

    8. Transpis, Flyer, megaphone…

    9. (list is open – if you see other support which is needed feel free to say so. Just contact the group)


  1. Right now most of the journalists know the reasons for the refugees’ protest camps and spread the news in accordance to their press declarations. Since we need the truth to be published it is really important that we’ll take care of the presswork. We need a list of freelance journalists and press contacts to tell them new information. It is also important to initiate contact to Journalists which are interested in the refugee issues to join into the protest march to create a steady publicity.

    One can find detailed information on our official website . This website will be administered by refugees to publish their point of view. Therefore it’ll become the mouthpiece of the protest and should be spread.

    Each involved group is welcome to write its own articles to spread the refugees protest. BE ACTIVE!!

  2. Furthermore there will be press conferences in different cities which have to be organised to ensure local press activities. Organise places for the press conferences, inform the local press and use your contacts!

Documentation group

1. It is very important that this protest march is accompanied and documented by photographers, journalists, film-makers etc… everyone who is experienced or knows someone who is experienced is needed!

Financial group

1. This protest still exists although we had many huge repressions and problems. Now it is moving, together with refugees and activists, to another level. Therefore we need financial support. We ask every organisation which condemns the inhuman laws and the isolation of refugees for support. Please contact our financial group and make a donation to the following banc account.

Förderverein Karawane e.V.
Kontonummer: 40 30 780 800
GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG
BLZ: 430 609 67
Spendenkonto / Verwendungszweck: Protestmarsch Berlin

We won’t stop until our demands are fulfilled:

Stop deportations!
Abolish residence obligation!
No compulsory stay in lagers (camps)! 
Deal faster with asylum applications – asylum is not a privilege but a human right!

We invite every group, individual and activists to show their solidarity with the refugees and their demands. Write a solidarity letter, organise some solidarity actions or join us!!!

Contact: [email protected]

Communication group
Email: [email protected]

Logistic group
Email: [email protected]

Media group
Email: [email protected] 

Documentation group
Email: [email protected].

Financial group
Email: [email protected]

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