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Asia-Wide Campaign Against US-Japanese Aggression and Domination of Asia

Brief report on the 16th AWC-CCB Meeting and related activities

We are glad to inform you that Asia-Wide Campaign against US-Japanese aggression and domination of Asia (AWC) held the 16th Campaign Coordinating Body (CCB) meeting and its-related activities on March 1-5 in Taiwan successfully. Delegates from China-Taiwan Labor rights Association and Labor Party, AWC-Japan, AWC Korea Committee, Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (BAYAN-Philippines), and ANSWER Coalition-US joined a series of activities there. Delegate from BAYAN-Japan also joined them. We deeply appreciate every effort of comrades in China-Taiwan Labor rights Association for successful holding of a series of activities.

The 16th AWC-CCB meeting was held at the Taipei Teacher’s Hall from March 2 to morning of March 3 . At the meeting, labor Rights Association reported the recent situation of Taiwan and cross-strait relationship between mainland China and Taiwan Island. LRA also gave the historical and recent struggle of people in Taiwan with powerpoint presentation, and it really served foreign delegates’ deeper understanding of people’s struggle there. Delegates from South Korea, Japan, Philippine and the US shared political, economical and military situation and also workers and people’s struggle in respective countries. After that, the ‘Resolution for Joint Campaign on 2013’ was proposed and then adopted after active discussion. The meeting also adopted the following 3 special resolution; 1) resolution to support the struggle of Ssangyong Motor Workers in South Korea; 2) resolution on international anti-US bases conference held in Philippine on co ming July; and 3) resolution to oppose Japanese prime minister Abe’s scheme of official worship to Yasukuni Shrine, and to demand withdrawal of and apology for his remarks that negates enforcement in taking the ‘comfort women’ by Japanese authority.

The CCB meeting was held in the midst of ongoing consolidation of US bases and U.S military posture under the U.S ‘rebalancing’ strategy toward Asia-Pacific, and of rising military tension over territorial disputes in the region. On the joint resolution of the CCB meeting, we denounced Japan’s territorial expansionism over Diao-Yu Islands and Dokto Island. We also condemned that the US and Japanese imperialism justify the consolidation of US-Japanese military alliance and the reinforcement of US military presence in Asia-Pacific under the pretext of rising territorial disputes in the region. Furthermore, delegates confirm to demand the peaceful and diplomatic resolution of the territorial disputes and to oppose any form of US Imperialists’ intervention on this issue.

After that, the open forum titled ‘US-Japanese military realignment and anti-imperialist people’s movement in Asia-Pacific’ was held on afternoon of March 3 at Taipei University of Social Science. Each foreign delegates speech at the forum, focusing the consolidation of US Bases, US Intervention and people’s resistance in respective countries. Then, AWC international secretariat shared the result of the CCB meeting and read the statement titled ‘People in Asia-Pacific oppose US-Japanese military alliance and reinforcement of US military presence’.

On the morning of March 4, a militant protest action was held in front of American Institute in Taiwan (AIT). It means that we showed our discussion until the day before as actual action. 150 people, including around 20 foreign delegates, joined the action there. In spite of harassment by local police, participants conducted the action successfully, denouncing the US-led military alliance and reinforcement of US Military presence and shouting common slogan: ‘All US troops out of Asia-Pacific!’.

Delegates moved to a industrial city, Hshintsu, on the afternoon of march 4 and integrated with local union activists at a meeting room of the Hshintsu county council. Local participants include union leaders under Hshintsu general industrial union, members of Labor party -2nd Chapter and Haulon workers who won the 100 days-long strike last year, etc.

Based on the achievement of the 16th AWC-CCB meeting and its-relate activities, we shall further strengthen our common struggle against imperialism and solidarity among people in the Asia-Pacific region.

March 8, 2013

Photos submitted by the AWC International Secretariat



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