Anti-APEC rally in Jakarta, 8 October

Anti-APEC rally in Jakarta. image grab from youtubeBy YOSHIO NAKAMURA
AWC international secretariat

Dear comrades,

I had a chance to join the anti-APEC rally held by the Indonesian People’s Alliance (IPA) in Jakarta.

The IPA held an open forum on 7 October and also held a rally on 8 October. You can find a short video on anti-APEC rally on 8 October 2013.

Protests against the APEC summit meeting were held in Bali and other cities in Indonesia.

The IPA also called to join the ‘People’s Global Camp’ in Bali on coming December 2013 in order to counter the WTO ministerial meeting. Organizations in ILPS-Indonesia including GSBI, FMN, and AGRA are leading this important campaign.


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