Another gang rape case by US servicemen occurred in Okinawa!

Contributed by AWC International Secretariat

Another gang rape case by U.S. sailors occurred on early October 16, 2012 in Okinawa. The suspects were identified as Able Seaman Christopher Daniel Browning, 23, and Third Petty Officer Skyler Andrew Dozierwalker, 23, both of whom belong to the Fort Worth Naval Air Base in Texas in the United States.

Dozierwalker has admitted committing the crime but Browning has denied it, saying ‘the reason of arrest is not difference from the fact’.

According to press, 2 drunken sailors suddenly attacked a woman on her way home and raped her outside between 3:35 am and 4:20 am on October 16. She was also injured on her neck by their assault.

Okinawa prefectural police had started the search after the report from her-related person and arrested Browning in a hotel in Okinawa, then also found and arrested Dozierwalker
based on Browning’s statement.

We are thinking deeply about her tremendous fear and pain. We strongly condemn the criminals of those U.S. sailors.

Implement thorough investigation based on the respect for human rights of the victim and speedy fact-finding by Okinawa prefectural police!

Prosecute the criminals by Okinawa local public prosecutors office!

We demand that Okinawa prefectural police should implement thorough investigation based on the respect for human rights of the victim and speedy fact-finding. We also strongly demand that Okinawa local public prosecutors office should surely prosecute those criminals.

We have known that Japan’s prosecutors office had dropped most of criminal cases committed by U.S. servicemen under the ‘secret agreement’ between both governments of the U.S. and Japan. We have also known that U.S. government and military officials had promised the ‘enforcement of official discipline’ repeatedly when the criminal cases occurred.

How many times have we heard the word ‘enforcement of official discipline’!

We have never forgotten the gang rape case in Hiroshima which had occurred just 5 years and two days ago, October 14, 2007.

We have also never forgotten the rape case against a Filipino woman in Okinawa on February 2008.

In both cases that was committed by U.S. servicemen, Japanese public prosecutors have decided not to prosecute the criminals and put the judgement of the cases into the hands of the U.S. military court.

What it brought about was second rape against the victims in the U.S. Military court!

It had denied the fact of ‘rape’ by the criminals and released them soon with a slight penalty. We don’t need the ‘enforcement of official discipline’ as lip service.

We never accept the U.S. military court as just ceremony for the ‘enforcement of official discipline’.

We also never accept that it will became the stage of second rape against the victim again.

The case adds fuel to the raging fire of Okinawan people, who are facing the risk of crush and accident by recent deployment of the U.S. MV-22 Osprey aircraft, which has technological defect and has many experience of crush since its experimental use, since early October 2012.

The rage of Okinawan people is our own one. We express here that we will continue to fight against U.S. bases that have fostered criminals against humanity and promoted the violation against human rights on women until the day of their complete withdrawal.

16 October 2012
The Network ‘Military Bases and Women’

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