Amended manifesto vs. imperialist use of nuclear power and arms


FROM: ILPS ICC Chairperson
SUBJECT: Amended manifesto and continuance of campaign
DATE: 03 August 2012

We hereby urge you to continue the ILPS campaign to gather signatures on the manifesto against the use of nuclear energy and arms by the imperialist powers and their corporations. The ICG of ILPS will issue a count of the signatures collected by the ILPS on Hiroshima Day on August 6 and again incrementally on Environment Day, December 3, 2012. The final count of signatures shall be made on the anniversary of the Fukushima meltdown on March 11, 2013.

Please take note that we have amended the manifesto previously issued. We have made the amendments in order to concentrate fire on the imperialist powers and their corporations, to address ourselves to the people and to avoid the dangers of indirectly endorsing nuclear monopoly by the imperialist powers and opposing scientific nuclear research and development for peaceful and benign purposes. The amended manifesto is attached hereto. Please use this in the further collection of signatures.

The ILPS carries out its campaign independently of the ICOR even as the two formations can agree to take up the same general issue and conduct their respective campaigns according to the same schedule. They have equal right to express their respective viewpoints with their respective manifestos and other issuances.

For the ICC of the ILPS,




Manifesto to commemorate Fukushima disaster
and demand end of using nuclear energy and arms
by imperialist powers and their corporations

We, the undersigned, are totally opposed to the use of nuclear power, either for energy or for arms, by the imperialist powers and their corporations. We accept the following slogans:

Shut down all nuclear power stations and plants built, owned and operated by corporations for profit without full regard for human safety and the environment!

The corporate owners of nuclear power plants must bear the costs of shutdown and clean up operations!

Application of the highest standards for storing the remaining radiating waste.

We demand compensation and appropriate medical support  from the respective states and from corporate operators or owners of nuclear power plants for all victims of illnesses arising from exposure to nuclear power plant radiation and toxic wastes!

Save the environment from the greed for profit of the monopolies!

Pursue and expand research, promotion and propagation of environment-friendly power and energy sources!

Ban and destroy all nuclear, biological and chemical weapons!

Strengthen the international front of active resistance for the protection of the natural environment!








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