Some 30 participants held a special forum, “Christianity in the Era of Neoliberal Globalization”. Sponsored by the People’s Forum on Peace for Life, the Promotion of Church People’s Response and the Ecumenical Voice for Peace and Human Rights in the Philippines, the event discussed how under the current context of neoliberal globalization, Christian Rightist movements have pushed a surge of anti-immigrant/refugee, racism, Islamaphobia, and xenophobia-driven authoritarian-leaning politics and governance in various parts of the world. That the priorities
of the Christian Right co-opted by the US Imperialist agenda have been melded into an all-encompassing goal, which ensures that neoliberal capitalism persists as a dominant global credo, was affirmed in the forum.

As a concrete product of the forum, a resolution was presented and approved during the plenary calling “to resist and push against Christian Right machinations, methodologies and ideologies, the addition in the ILPS mandate of a commission on the struggle of faith-based associations against fascism and imperialism and for the attainment of just peace, including exploring the possibility of building a global ecumenical alliance that promotes social justice, anti-imperialism and Christian-Marxist dialogue and cooperation.”

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