The International League of Peoples struggles (ILPS) condemns in the strongest possible terms, the U.S Imperialist economic blockade of Cuba, and demands its immediate cessation.

The U.S. has maintained its illegal blockade of Cuba for decades and has carried out other war-like and aggressive acts against Cuba, including assassination attempts against its leaders.

The Cuban People courageously made revolution against the corrupt, inhumane, incompetent, anti-democratic U.S. puppet government in 1959 and ushered in a new life for themselves. U.S. Imperialism has never accepted the Cuban Peoples’ decision and has continued to cause disruption and economic chaos, through blockades, and other forms of illegal acts and aggression.

What sort of monstrous entity is throwing its weight around illegally in many parts of the world, including in Cuba, committing such pain and suffering for the people?

It is U.S. Imperialism, the U.S. wealthy ruling class, which is pursuing its own economic and political interests across the globe in Latin America, in the Middle East, in the Asia Pacific and many other places. This vile, inhumane and anti-democratic behavior by imperialism is being dressed up as “democratic liberalism”, but it has more in keeping with oppression, war like aggression and exploitation. The hypocrisy is breath-taking.    

The U.S. ruling class is being supported by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) countries of Europe and other allies who wish to ride on the coat tails of U.S Imperialism. At the U.N. General Assembly over 180 countries voted to end the vicious inhumane sanctions against the Cuban People and only two countries voted against lifting the sanctions: The U.S.A. and Israel.

Some of the Western media, including in Australia, have been making much of some recent demonstrations by people concerned about the shortages in the economy and the lack of medical supplies to deal with the pandemic.

No doubt there are problems being faced by the people as a result of the illegal sanctions which have been recently stepped up to deliberately have a detrimental impact on the Cuban People in the face of the pandemic.

However, the same media is blatantly silent in the face of the current massive demonstrations by the Cuban people against the on-going illegal U.S. blockade and sanctions.

The ILPS declares its militant solidarity with the Cuban People in their struggles against imperialist aggression and disruption.

The ILPS calls on its members and supporters across the globe to lodge their protests with the U.S. Government and demand the end to the inhumane and illegal sanctions on Cuba.

Long live independence, liberation and democracy

Long live the international solidarity of the people

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