The member organizations of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle ILPS Guatemala, join the clamor for Justice of the families of the disappeared in Guatemala.

Many years of struggle and dedication of the plaintiff families in the case of the Diario Militar now have a small reward.

The Diario Militar is the name given to a list of 183 people who disappeared at the hands of the Guatemalan security forces between August 1983 and March 1985. It was first published in May 1999 by Harpers Magazine and is considered a unique document of its kind, as it proves the systematization of repression in Guatemala during the military dictatorships that bloodied the country, specifically the period of de facto President Oscar Humberto Mejia Victores.

The identification made by the Guatemalan Forensic Anthropology Foundation of the remains of Amancio Samuel Villatoro, Sergio Saúl Linares, Moisés Saravia, Hugo Navarro, Juan de Dios Samayoa, Zoilo Canales, executed on March 29 and buried in a mass grave in the facilities of a former military detachment in San Juan Comalapa, all documented in the Diario Militar or dossier of death, have been conclusive evidence to find those responsible.

Since the 80’s, when the events took place, the families have kept alive the memory of their disappeared loved ones, in the search for justice, on that long road of more than 30 years, the mothers, sons, brothers and sisters who were waiting for the return of their relatives, today they see with great hope the capture of 10 of the alleged perpetrators of these crimes against humanity.

In the face of the denial of the facts, the efforts to distort the true history of our country, we see justice as a transcendental historical precedent of the atrocities committed by the Guatemalan state against the organization and the population in general, applying state terrorism with the bloodiest force in all of Latin America, Guatemala the number one country in the registry of the highest statistics of people disappeared during the military dictatorships.
The more than 45,000 disappeared must never be forgotten, they must be dignified in all areas of society, today is a small step forward in the process that will lead us to justice.

We call on national and international organizations to accompany the due process and together demand that justice be served.

In memory of all those who are no longer here and who fought.

For all the disappeared Justice.
Alive they left and alive they remain in our memory.
Guatemala never again.

International League of Peoples’ Struggle ILPS Guatemala.

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