ILPS Supports “All Land Palestine” in commemoration of the 40th Palestine Land Day

The International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS) is supporting The Global Campaign to Return to Palestine’s campaign commemoration of the 45th Anniversary of the Palestine Land Day on March 30, 2021. 

Dear members of The Global Campaign to Return to Palestine:


On the 45th anniversary of the Palestinian Land Day (March 30, 2021), which also coincides with the third anniversary of the Great March of Return in Gaza, and amid the recent wave of normalization with the Israeli occupation, The Global Campaign to Return to Palestine along with its partners and members is preparing to commemorate this occasion in a way that best expresses international solidarity with the Palestinian people and asserts the position rejecting all forms of normalization and plans seeking to eliminate the Palestinian cause .

As you know, “Israel” occupies 85% of the area of Palestine, and up until today, it continues to assault Palestinian farmers, attack their properties, and uproot their trees. On 06/01/2021 alone, the Israeli occupation forces uprooted more than 3400 olive trees in Deir Ballut village in the Salfit Governorate . From here, and based on our adherence to the right of the Palestinian people to their entire land in addition to our rejection of any attempt to steal the land of Palestine by the Israeli occupation, and as an expression of support for all the free people in the world who stand in solidarity with Palestine and its people, we call on you to contribute to the commemoration of Land Day on 30th of march through organizing events and activities under the slogan: “All Land Palestine”. Suggestions:

1- Raising the Palestinian flag in public squares, on balconies, or any famous tourist attraction in your country.
2- Organizing car or bicycle marches around cities and neighborhoods while raising Palestinian flags.
3- Inviting public figures such as politicians, artists, athletes, etc.… in your countries to raise the Palestine flag.
4- Engaging and participating in the international campaign on social media on March 30, 2021 and
tweeting/posting using the hashtag #All_Land_Palestine through your various platforms .For example, you
can print or draw the slogan All Land Palestine, take a picture of yourself with it using your phone, and post it
on social media with the hashtag #All_Land_Palestine.

Many thanks and appreciation for all your efforts in supporting Palestine!
The Global Campaign to Return to Palestine

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