Statement on International Migrants Day 2020

The International League of Peoples Struggles (ILPS), supports the call by the IMA, on International Migrants Day 2020, to support the struggle of migrants against overwork, and other inhumane working conditions, against, the vulnerability, insecurity and discrimination all being experienced by migrants during the COVID – 19 pandemic and beyond.

The ILPS remains steadfast in its solidarity with the global struggles of all migrants, asylum seekers, and other displaced persons, and we support your global on line rally on December 17th, supporting International Migrants Day2020.

The world capitalist system is continuing to cause the displacement of millions of people, due to intense poverty, political unrest, persecution, violence, natural disasters, war and other violations of human rights.

According to the United Nations there are over 71 million displaced people, the highest levels since the second world war.

We must continue to demand that the authorities across the capitalist world stop punishing people seeking asylum, the end of indefinite detention, and urgent measures to bring families together. To help migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers and not punish them.

We call for unity and solidarity between the working people of all lands and the migrant workers, refugees and asylum seekers who seek a new life and humane treatment.

Long live international solidarity!


Len Cooper

ILPS Chairperson

December 2020

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