Stop Isolation, Fascism and Occupation!
Free Öcalan! Free Kurdistan!
The International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS) stands in militant solidarity with the people of Kurdistan against the fascist oppression and occupation by the Turkish state. In addition, we in the ILPS demand the immediate release from prison of the Kurdish peoples’ leader Abdullah Öcalan and all other political prisoners held in prison by the Turkish fascist State and President Erdogan.
We condemn the brutal occupation of many Kurdish and Arabic areas in parts of the region of North and East Syria, and the Kurdistan region of Iraq and Libya by the Turkish fascist state. The ILPS is stepping up its solidarity with the Kurdish people’s struggles for freedom, and for the release of Abdullah Öcalan and other political prisoners by declaring November 2020 a month of solidarity with the Kurdish people.
We will officialy launch our campaign on the 1st of November, which is the historical anniversary of the liberation of the Kurdish city of Kobane from the ISIS occupation. We support this day as World Kobane Day. This launch will take place online and will include speakers who will explain the situation faced by the Kurdish and Turkish peoples, the role of imperialism in region, the role of the Turkish fascist state, the situation regarding the political prisoners and other important issues.
We call on the ILPS member organisations, commissions, regional committees, country chapters and other supporting networks and friends to support the month of solidarity with the Kurdish peoples all throughout November.
The global solidarity month will include various online and offline activities in support of the Kurdish people. For the global campaign, the League will be highlighting the following issues:
– Isolation of Öcalan and the call for his freedom
– Turkey Occupation
– Fascism in the region
The following are the initial list and schedule of activities for the global campaign:
1. November 1: Launch of Solidarity Month
2. Webinars:
– European Solidarity with the Kurdish Struggle
– The Kurdish Women’s Movement
– Women and Isolation, Fascism, and Occupation
3. Film Screening (with Q and A)
4. Global Day of Action: Free Öcalan! Free Kurdistan!
5. Cultural Program
ILPS country chapters, regions, commissions, and allied networks are encouraged to amplify and contribute to this campaign through:
– Webinars (per region/country/members)
– Online and offline protest actions
– Signature campaign and sending of letters to call for Öcalan’s freedom
– Day of Action to Free Öcalan, Free Kurdistan!
– Solicitation of video solidarity messages
– Cultural events
The ILPS also support the International Week of Solidarity and Action (November 1-8): Rise Up Against Fascism organized by Rise Up 4 Rojava:
The ILPS stands shoulder to shoulder with the people of Kurdistan and Turkey fighting fascism and imperialism, and whose struggle and persistence will bring victory.
Free Öcalan! Free Kurdistan!
Long live the struggle against Turkish expansionism, occupation and fascism!
Long live international solidarity!

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