Hasta Siempre (Farewell) comrade Fidel Agcaoili

From the International League of Peoples’ Struggle-Latin America and the Caribbean (ILPS-ALyC), it is with deep sorrow that we have received the painful news that today at 12:45pm (Amsterdam time) the heart of Comrade Fidel Agcaoili of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NFDP) has stopped beating.

An arterial pulmonary rupture left Comrade Fidel breathless in the Netherlands, from where he was working as the head of the peace panel of the NFDP. In other words, Comrade Fidel continued his work in the struggle at the side of the Filipino people and the democratic and revolutionary movement of that great country. Fidel Agcaoili not only devoted his whole life to the struggle to liberate the Filipino people from the imperialist yoke and from the exploitation and oppression of the capitalist regime of his country, but he was also a great internationalist who promoted international solidarity in the struggle against imperialism and fascism from different organizational spaces.

We have lost a great fighter, friend and comrade; therefore, from the ILPS-ALyC, we extend our condolences to the National Democratic Front of the Philippines, to all the democratic and revolutionary movement, to the working class, peasants and the Filipino people for this irreparable loss.

We are sure that after the pain of this loss, both the NFDP and the whole movement of workers, peasants and the people of the Philippines will continue to take up the great legacy of comrade Fidel and multiply it in the streets and other forms of struggles; and in each of these actions comrade Fidel
will continue to live forever.

Provisional Committee
International League for the Struggle of Peoples (ILPS) Latin America and the Caribbean.
Latin America, July 2020.

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