Indian poet Varavara Rao imprisoned, release demanded

The outstanding Indian poet Varavara Rao, a steadfast fighter for the national and social liberation of the Indian people, should not be in prison in the first place and should be released immediately due to his health condition.

All anti-imperialist and democratic forces of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle and my Filipino compatriots have the highest respect for him for his integrity as an Indian patriot and revolutionary, for his long service to the people and for his political and literary achievements.

I am always thankful to Comrade Varavara Rao for having hosted NDFP international chief representative Luis Jalandoni in India and for having translated my poems into Telugu. He is a highly principled and warm-hearted person who deserves the support of the people of the world in his moment of need.



Jose Maria Sison

Chairperson Emeritus, ILPS

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