Justice for the victims of attacks in Longding! Condemn the brutality of Indian Army!

The ILPS Commission 10 condemns the series of attacks and killings of Naga peoples by the Indian Army and its continuing inhumane offensives across India’s North East amid the pandemic.

Recent reports from Naga Peoples Movement for Human Rights (NPMHR) documented atrocities by the Indian Army from May 14 to 16, including illegal arrest and torture of civilians, assault and harassment, indiscriminate firing resulting in murder and multiple physical injuries.

Amid these brutalities, the National Human Right Commission (NHRC) of India and the Indian Government act as enablers of such attacks by not acting to bring immediate justice to the people and communities affected, according to the report. Similarly, it continues to facilitate the Indian Army’s human rights violations through the Armed Forces Special Powers Act, 1958 (AFSPA) which grants the military wide powers of arrest, the right to shoot to kill, and to occupy or destroy property in the guise of counterinsurgency operations.

For decades, the ongoing revolts for liberation and armed struggle have been carried out by freedom fighters in Nagaland and across India under the banner of self-determination and aspirations for sovereignty. These conflicts and civil war, recognized by the Government of India and the international community through ongoing Peace negotiations, must never be used to target civilians, legal democratic groups and civil society organizations.

ILPS Commission 10 joins the people of Nagaland, the people of North East India and the wider oppressed masses of India in their call for peace anchored in social justice and genuine liberation.

We call on the international community, rights defenders, advocates of peace and justice to unite in condemning all forms of attacks threatening peoples lives, safety and right to self-determination.

We also carry the demand for the urgent implementation of the UN’s call for global ceasefire and the release of political prisoners, and demand to focus cooperative efforts from all sectors in ensuring everyone’s safety and protection from COVID-19.

Justice for the victims of attacks in Longding!
Condemn the brutality of Indian Army!
Fight against the fascist offensives of Government of India!
Struggle for self-determination!

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