Global call for Week of Anti-Imperialist Struggle!

A scourge is upon humanity. The whiplash of finance capital is causing terrible pain and suffering amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Corporations and governments want a “new normal” under the same system. Peoples and nations need change.

It is not what they want, but it is what we need. Imperialism, plunder and war must end. US militarism, sanctions and all fascist reactions must cease.

Join us on May 25 -31, a week to highlight our global anti-imperialist struggles!

The ILPS calls on all democratic and anti-imperialist citizens to be one with the call and highlight the various mass struggles aimed at fighting imperialism and fascism in different parts of the world. The week-long event will peak on May 30 through a global, Anti-Imperialist Solidarity Program. This program will feature speeches, cultural pieces/performances, and highlights of the online events hosted by organizations in different countries.

Post photos, statements, videos, and other materials and use the official hashtag, #AntiImperialistWeek2020 to show our strong international solidarity!


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