Communique of the New International Coordinating Committee

New International Coordinating Committee holds first meeting


Communique of the ICC

01 July 2019

The newly elected International Coordinating Committee (ICC) held its first meeting on June 27, 2019 to elect the officers of the ICC that would constitute the new International Coordinating Group (ICG) and make decisions on post-Assembly work.

The ICC elected Len Cooper as new ILPS Chairperson. Len is a respected mass leader of the working class in Australia, presently serving as National President of the Australian Communication Workers. He is also Chair of the ILPS Australia Chapter and has served as Vice Chair of the ILPS for the past 8 years.

The following were also elected: Azra Talat Sayeed as Vice-Chairperson, Victor Garces as Vice-Chairperson for Internal Affairs, Malcolm Guy as Vice-Chairperson for External Affairs, Liza Maza as General Secretary, Erdelan Hakan as First Deputy General Secretary, Samuel Villatoro as Second Deputy General Secretary, Veerle Verscheuren as Treasurer, Cody Urban as Auditor.

The following were also elected to the newly-created positions of Vice-Chairpersons for the different global regions for the expansion and consolidation of ILPS: Sarojeni Rengam for Asia-Pacific, Florentino Lopez Martinez for Latin America, Alessio Arena for Europe, Bernadette Ellorin for North America, and Demba Moussa Dembele for Africa/West Asia.

The ICC decided to publish all the important documents of the 6th International Assembly in a book and assigned an editorial team to make sure that it is ready for printing by October 2019.

The ICC also outlined the plans for the smooth turnover of the work of the outgoing officers of the ICC to the incoming officers.

The 1st meeting of the ICG was set for October 2019 and the next meeting of the ICC was set for March 2020. #

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