Condemn the clampdown on Naga civil society groups by Government of India

The ILPS Commission 10 condemns the brazen harassment against Neingulo Krome, Secretary-General, Naga Peoples’ Movement for Human Rights (NPMHR) after being prevented by India’s Modi government to travel without any due justification or explanation.

Mr. Krome, a staunch fighter for peoples’ right to self-determination, and known for his works in forwarding the rights of Indigenous Peoples, whether in his region in North East India or across the globe, has been an international partner by the Commission 10 of International League of People’s Struggle on its campaigns. Mr. Krome, attending the 5th International Assembly of ILPS has brought light and contributions in understanding the challenges of Naga peoples’ aspiration of genuine peace and freedom.

With the Peace Talks between India’s Central government and the liberation movements of Naga and amid the repression on peoples’ movements, resource plunder and economic exploitation, political and military domination, the Naga people continue their assertion for self-determination as peoples with unique culture, identity and territory free from any foreign rule and oppression.

The ILPS Commission 10 calls on to its members, networks and allies for peace, justice and freedom to extend solidarity to the Naga peoples, and their just cause for human rights and self-determination!

Condemn the clampdown on Naga civil society groups by Government of India

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