Trump’s grotesque announcement on Palestine condemned


The International League of Peoples Struggles (ILPS), condemns in the strongest possible terms the recent disgraceful announcement by U.S President Trump relating to Israel and Palestine. The “deal of the century” trumpeted by US President Donald Trump at the end of January boasting of an “ultimate” solution to the decades old Palestinian-Israeli conflict has miserably failed even before it took off the ground.

Trump describes his announcement as a “peace plan”. Nothing could be further from the truth. This announcement spells out the continuation of U.S. Imperialist policy of total commitment to the illegal Zionist project on Palestinian land, gives the Zionists total control of Palestine and is a blatant plan to ensure their continuing brutal occupation of Palestine.

Trump has insisted that the Palestinians will be forced to accept this imperialist deal. However, the Palestinians have rightly rejected this so called “peace plan” from the onset, and declared that their rights, dignity and lands are not for sale or for the taking.

The plan is a rehash of rightist-nationalist Netanyahu’s option of “economic peace” with massive investment in the Palestinian economy as a substitute for self-determination within a sovereign state. It plans to buy-out Palestinians fighting to take back what is rightfully their homeland.

The Trump announcement stands condemned. Among other things, it :

  • Annexes almost all of the West Bank illegal settlements and the Jordan Valley for Zionism. At least 87 percent of the Jewish settlements in the West Bank are to be Israeli territory.It leaves Palestinians two areas in the Negev desert.
  • Rejects the right of the Palestinian people to return to their homes and properties.
  • Aims to eliminate any possibility of a sovereign Palestinian state in the future.
  • Insists that Palestinians accept as a permanent status that they have no control over their borders, their territory or their very basic human and democratic rights.
  • Establishes Jerusalem in its multiplied and inflated borders as Israel’s “undivided” capital
  • Intends the Arab Gulf states and neighboring Egypt and Jordan to play an important role in providing a political umbrella and underpinning it with financial support.
  • Calls for a renunciation of “violence” by the Palestinians and the disarming and disbanding of Hamas and other resistance movements, despite UN recognition that people have a right to pursue self-determination, including through armed resistance against foreign occupying and colonial powers. On the other hand, Israel has violated more than 172 UN resolutions.

The overarching goal is for Israel to cooperate with Arab regional powers and the US against Iran. They want to remove the Palestinians out and take the “Greater Middle East” for its resources and pivotal geopolitical position between Europe and Asia, especially against Russia and China.

For his Israel deal, Trump has blatantly violated numerous international consensus on final status issues, refugees, sovereignty and territory of the Palestinian homeland. Moreover, US government and other colonial powers fail to address their “Extraterritorial Obligations”, and this serves as root cause in this endless conflict.

Since its founding as a global anti-imperialist and democratic peoples’ organization in 2001, the ILPS has supported with all its force the just struggles of the Palestinian People for national liberation and self-determination against Zionism and imperialism.

We again join with the Palestinian People in the global struggle against these latest vicious attacks on their rights and we continue to be inspired by the resolve and commitment of the Palestinian People to continue their struggle until victory.

The Palestinian People have resisted and will continue to resist the vicious, inhumane, and fascist like actions of imperialism and Zionism, and with the support of the worlds people will win ultimate victory.

Long live the struggle of the Palestinian People!

Long live the world wide struggle against imperialism!


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